Minnesota Forest Legacy Program

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The Minnesota Forest Legacy Program protects environmentally important private forests threatened by conversion to nonforest uses. Landowners apply to participate in the program. If they are accepted, federal funds and local matching funds are used to purchase development rights and conservation easements to keep these forests intact and continuing to provide forest benefits. The landowner retains ownership and can continue activities such as timber management, recreation, hunting, and hiking as long as they don't conflict with the terms of the easement. All easements are perpetual, and any new owner is bound by the terms of the easement.

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For more information on the Minnesota Forests for the Future or the Forest Legacy Program in Minnesota, contact:

Richard Peterson
Forest Legacy Program Coordinator
1810 30th Street Northwest
Faribault, MN 55021
tel. 507-333-2012
fax. 507-333-2008
[email protected]