Forestry Legacy Programs

Program facts

  • The Forest Legacy Program was established by the 1990 Farm Bill. It provides grants to the state of Minnesota to identify and protect important private forest lands threatened by conversion to nonforest uses.
  • The state of Minnesota has identified 14 candidate Forest Legacy areas containing important forests in need of protection. Several candidate Forest Legacy areas have been established by going through a public review process.
  • To be considered for the Forest Legacy Program, a tract of land must lie partially or entirely within an designated Forest Legacy area.
  • DNR Forestry accepts applications from landowners and works with the Minnesota Forest Stewardship Committee to decide which applications to submit for funding.
  • When an application is funded, an independent appraiser determines the value of the conservation easement. The purchase of the conservation easement is based on the concept of willing seller–willing buyer. Once purchased, the development rights are held by the state in perpetuity. The state will monitor the easement annually to ensure that the terms of the easement are followed.

For more information about the program and or land eligibility contact:

Christine Ostern Forest Legacy Program Coordinator

Phone: 218-343-1790

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