Forest Certification

Benefits of forest certification

photo: Pine tree Tree sprout

Forest certification recognizes the DNR's commitment to sustainability, continuously improved forest management, and interdisciplinary coordination and communication. It acknowledges the DNR's efforts to maintain a sustainable supply of forest products and services from healthy, diverse, and productive ecosystems. Maintaining forest certification demonstrates the DNR's dedication to sustainable and responsible forest management.

photo: Inside a lumber millForest certification has helped improve the global competitiveness of Minnesota's certified forest products and ensure strong markets for state-owned timber—good for both our ability to effectively manage our forests and the economic vitality of forest-dependent rural communities. Forest certification is expected to be increasingly important in the future for competing in the global marketplace, especially as large acreages become certified.

Other benefits of forest certification include:

  • greater recognition and support for forest management policies and operation
  • greater focus on managing on a landscape scale
  • local jobs and tax revenue resulting from maintaining a thriving forest products industry.

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