Forest Certification

As part of Forest Certification, DNR must provide and maintain a management plan to meet various requirements established under both the SFI and FSC-US National Forest Management Certification Standards. For large land management organizations, such as Minnesota DNR, multiple documents often comprise this "management plan," as defined by the forest certification standards. As noted by third-party accredited forest certification auditors, the "management plan" for the lands managed by Minnesota DNR is composed of a compendium of databases and documents, including various statutes, plans, policies, procedures, guidelines, and recommendations. These guidance documents operate at a various levels of scope and scale (e.g., statewide, landscape-level, site-level, strategic, operational, comprehensive, species, or topic specific).

The description of DNR's Forest Management Plan, provides the broad categories into which the various guidance documents can be classified and how these categories generally relate to one another."

Summary of DNR's Management Plan diagram details can be found in Forest Management Plan PDF

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