Resource Assessment

various images of Resource Assessment aerial imagary products

About Resource Assessment

Resource Assessment (RA) supports DNR goals by providing natural resource stewards with the expertise, information and analysis needed to properly manage, conserve and sustain Minnesota’s natural resources. RA provides natural resource inventor, monitoring, and analysis products and services to Minnesota government and the public. Our products and services continue to be critical in supporting natural resource management. New tools for data acquisition and sophisticated methods for data analyses continue to make RA a leader in natural resource management. Our enterprise support model enables us to build partnerships and provide the most cost-effective solutions for long-term natural resource management decision making.

Services and Data Products Available

Resource Assessment provides customers with high quality data and information. Our services include detailed natural resource field inventory, aerial photography acquisitions, photo interpretation, satellite image processing, and many different types of spatial data analyses, including:

  • Forest Inventory
  • Fall Color and Supplemental Aerial Photography
  • State Forest Maps
  • Forest Resources Reports and Action Plan
  • Forest Canopy Change Detection
  • Forest cover Type Mapping
  • Updating Wetland Inventories
  • GIS Analyses
  • Hydrographic Modeling
  • Large Raster Processing
  • Lidar Processing and Derived Product Creation
  • Wetland Status and Trends Monitoring
  • Forest Fire Vegetation Health Analysis
  • Natural Disaster Mapping and Monitoring

In the News and Upcoming Events

Email us to find out more and register for our upcoming Forest Management Academy Workshops in 2022 (open to all, recordings available by request)!

Check out this WCCO News Story about how RA is using lidar derived information to enhance and update our forest inventory!

For more information about Resource Assessment contact:

Dennis Kepler, Resource Assessment Supervisor

Jason Langenecker, Assistant Resource Assessment Supervisor

Jennifer Corcoran, Remote Sensing Program Consultant, Remote Sensing and GIS

Scott Hillard, Forest Biometrician, Forest Modeling and Biometrics

Keb Guralski, Statewide Inventory Coordinator, Forest Inventory and GIS

General questions: Resource Assessment

Questions about Forest Inventory: MN Forest Inventory

Questions about the Minnesota Lidar Plan: LidarHUB or email MN Lidar