Match Information

What is Match?

A 10% match of the total grant amount requested is required (may be cash or in-kind).

Cash Match is actual cash contributed to a project, such as:

  • Cash contributed by your organization;
  • Cash contributed by a third party that is supported by a Partner Commitment Letter and documented in the grantee’s files; or
  • Supplies or contracted services to be paid for by the grantee for project activities during the grant period.

In-kind Match is non-cash donations of a good or service, such as: 

  • Personnel time given to the project (existing staff or volunteers);
  • Use of equipment; or
  • Donated supplies or services.

All match funds must:

  • Be reasonable, necessary, and allowable for the performance of the grant award;
  • Conform to grant program guidelines;
  • Be provided for in the approved budget;
  • Be from a non-state source
  • Be treated consistently with other costs incurred by the organization;
  • Be in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP); and
  • Be adequately documented (i.e., are verifiable from the grantees records and reported to the grant program as requested).



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