CPL Grants - Public Land Manager Contact Information

This is not a collective list of all public land agencies, but is here to provide guidance to applicants.

A Land Manager is defined as:

The person responsible for management of the land that will be acquired or where work will be done. This individual provides oversight and input for the grant work but does not do the work, and completes Land Manager Review and Approval form (including a Natural Heritage Review) for project site. For government agencies, this person must be someone authorized to approve the acquisition or work to be done. If the grant involves work on multiple sites, there may be multiple Land Managers involved with each project. The Land Manager cannot be the same person as the Project Manager.

For organizations or agencies requesting grants to complete work on their own land, the Land Manager would be the executive director, department manager, president, etc. authorized to approve the submission of the grant application and authorize the activities within the application..

If you have a question about who your Land Manager would be, please contact CPL Staff to discuss.

See the RFP for more definitions.


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