2021 DNR Approved Projects

SPRA# Discipline Region CountyProject
838Parks and Trails4PipestoneReplacement of bridge #59515 on County State Aid Highway 20 approximately 425 feet south of County State Aid Highway 2 and approximately 3,680 feet north of the entrance to Split Rock Creek State Park.
822Parks and Trails3HoustonReconstructing roadway and constructing a curb along the northerly edge of the road providing a buffer between the road and Wagon Wheel Trail from Highway 14/16/61 to Sportmen's Public Water Access on the Mississippi River in La Crescent.
825Parks and Trails4MeekerImprovement of roadway and bridge/culvert replacement beginning at intersection of 668th Avenue and public water access road to the Dunns Lake Public Water Access.
830Parks and Trails1BeltramiImprovements to Three Island Road beginning at County State Aid Highway 23 to the Three Island Lake Public Water Access.
815Parks and Trails3HoustonImprovements to County State Aid Highway 1, from the intersection of MNTH 76 through Beaver Creek Valley State Park, which provides only paved access to Beaver Creek Valley State Park.
828Parks and Trails2CarltonRehabilitation and minor grading of County Road 137, beginning at the Interstate 35 overpass to approximately the eastern limits of Moose Lake State Park which provides the only access to Moose Lake State Park.
846Parks and Trails2LakeImprovements to East Lakeview Drive from West Lakeview Drive to its southern terminus, which is the sole access to Black Beach Park and a carry-in access point for the Lake Superior Water Trail.
827Parks and Trails3WabashaReconstruction of Wabasha Country State Aid Highway 81 from the intersection of MN Highway 60 to US Highway 61 which provides the main access to Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest.
844Parks and Trails2CookReplacement of bridge #88531 over Junco Creek which provides access to Junco Lake PWA, Ball Club Lake PWA, Pine Creek PWA, Two Island Lake PWA, Pat Bayle State Forest, and Boundary Waters canoe Area Wilderness.
840Fish and Wildlife3WrightImprovements to five roads: (1) 140th Street NW from Highway 24 to Ireland Avenue (approximately .025 miles); (2) Ireland Avenue NW from 140th Street to 132nd Street NW (approximately .075 miles); (3) 132nd Street NW from Ireland Avenue to Illsley Avenue (approximately .025 miles); (4) Illsley Avenue from 132nd Street S to southern Clearwater Township border (approximately 1.5 miles); and (5) 125th Street NW from Illsley Avenue to Hart Avenue (approximately one miles) which provides access to both Veterans Memorial Wildlife Management Area and Suconnix Wildlife Management Area.
842Parks and Trails3RamseyImprovements to Hugo Road (County Road 154) from Buffalo Street (County State Aid Highway 8) to County Road J (County Road 81) which provides the only access to Bald Eagle Lake Public Water Access.
847Parks and Trails4RiceRehabilitate 175th Street W and 177th Street W from County Road 68 to the French Lake Public Water Access which is the only public water access on the lake.
851Parks and Trails3StearnsImprovements to 1st Street SW from Chinook Avenue SW to city-administered Middle Spunk Lake Public Water Access.
823Parks and Trails2Crow WingImprovements to Sunrise Point Township Road, beginning at the intersection of Quest Road and Sunrise Point Road in Pulaski Township (Morrison County) and Platte Township (Crow Wing County) to Platte Lake Public Water Access, which provides the only public water access.
826Parks and Trails1PopeImprovements to 160th Street from County State Aid Highway 25 to Lake Amelia Public Water Access located in Levin and Glenwood Townships.
829Parks and Trails1DouglasImprovements to Vermont Access Road from Trunk Highway 29 to Lake Vermont Public Water Access.
848Parks and Trails1BeckerImprovements to Buckhorn Road from County State Aid Highway 6 to the Leaf Lake Public Water Access.