2022 DNR Approved Projects

SPRA# Discipline Region CountyProject
867Parks & Trails2Saint LouisReconstruction of Stuntz Bay Road from Jasper Street through the pit crossing on the top of the hill and address erosion issues near the bottom of the hill on Stuntz Bay Road which provides access to Lake Vermilion - Stuntz Bay Public Water Access and LVSUM State Park.
878Fish & Wildlife3AnokaImprovement to 205th Avenue from Lyons Street to the entrance of Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area.
877Parks & Trails3AnokaReconstruction of County Parkway E from County State Aid Highway 14 to Centerville Lake Public Water Access.
857Fish & Wildlife4CottonwoodImprovement of 390th Street from County Road 6 to County State Aid Highway 5 and 360th Avenue from 390th Street to 0.5 miles north. Both roadways provide access to and through Expandere Wildlife Management Area.
863Parks & Trails2Crow WingReconstruction improvements to Lum Park Road (14th Avenue NE) from the intersection of State Highway 210 and 14th Avenue NE to Rice Lake Public Water Access.
873Parks & Trails3FillmoreImprovements to County Road 118 from County State Aid Highway 5 to Historic Forestville Bridge in Forestville State Park.
879Parks & Trails3RamseyReconstruction of Hidden Falls Drive from Mississippi River Boulevard South to the Hidden Falls Regional Park Public Water Access on the Mississippi River.
870Parks & Trails4JacksonReconstruction of 710th Street from County State Aid Highway 4 to Little Spirit Lake Public Water Access.
859Parks & Trails1CassImprovements to County Road 161 and S. Little Thunder Drive NE which provide access to Little Thunder Lake Public Water Access and the Land O'Lakes State Forest.
868Parks & Trails4MeekerImprovements to 640th Avenue from 198th Street to Greenleaf State Recreation Area and Public Water Access.
872Parks & Trails2CookImprovements to West 8th Avenue South from Highway 61 to Parkside Public Water Access on Lake Superior.