Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program

Program Purpose: To preserve, protect, develop and where possible restore or enhance coastal resources along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.

Eligible Projects: Efforts to preserve or restore resources designated in Minnesota's Coastal Program because of their historic, recreational, ecological or aesthetic values, including ecological restoration, redevelopment of deteriorating underutilized urban waterfronts, enhancing public access to beaches and other coastal areas, land and easement purchases, low cost construction of paths, fences, parks, rehabilitation of historic buildings and structures, coastal community planning, engineering plans, education and interpretation. Projects must be located within the Lake Superior Coastal Program Boundary.

Who May Apply: Cities, counties, townships, joint powers boards, sanitary sewer districts, non-profit organizations, school districts, area-wide and regional agencies within the program's coastal boundary.

Priorities: Priorities will be set annually by the Coastal Council based upon the above eligible projects.

Level of Assistance: $100,000 maximum. 50% match required for projects on a reimbursement basis.

General Information: The Coastal Zone Management Act established this program in 1972. This is a national program administered through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Get more information on the coastal zone program.

How to Apply: To get an application, check the Lake Superior Coastal Program grant page or contact:

Amber Westerbur, Program Manager
Phone: 218-834-1445
[email protected]

Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program
1568 Hwy 2
Two Harbors, MN 55616
Phone: 218-834-1443
Fax: 218-834-6639

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