Minnesota Lake Ice Out Dates


The 2018 Lake Ice Out map shows ice out dates received by the DNR and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Ice is Never 100% Safe!

Ice out dates should not be used to track ice thickness for recreational use. Ice conditions can change rapidly and should be checked frequently. Review ice safety tips.

Lake Ice Out Map

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Definition of Lake Ice Out

The definition of lake ice out can vary from lake to lake. For the citizen observers reporting data, ice out occurs when the lake is completely free of ice. Or, it may be when it is possible to navigate from point A to point B. Ice out may also be when a lake is 90 percent free of ice. Observers use consistent criteria from year to year when reporting lake ice out dates.

Frequency of Updates

The map is not updated in real time. Updates to the lake ice out map are made as information is available.

Become a Citizen Observer

Post the date, lake name and county to the Minnesota DNR Climate Office Facebook page.