Houston OHV Trail, Houston County

The Minnesota DNR invites public review and written comments on a proposal by the City of Houston to obtain off-highway vehicle (OHV) grant-in-aid funding for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)/off-road vehicle (ORV)/off-highway motorcycle (OHM) trail.

The proposed trail, known as the Houston Trail, will provide a 7.5 mile experience in the area known as South Park within the City of Houston. The city completed a Federal Environmental Assessment (EA) in 2013 for a portion of the parkland, which reviewed allowing the new use of motorized trails within the park. In 2015, the city contracted with the US Forest Service Trails Unlimited team to design a sustainable motorized trail system. Trail maintenance will be provided by various OHV clubs and the City of Houston.

Public Review

The DNR welcomes public perspectives and comments on the proposal. The deadline for comments is 4:30 p.m. Monday, April 6, 2020.

Submit written comments

Email: [email protected]

Jess Althoff, Area Supervisor
DNR Parks and Trails
3555 9th St NW, Suite 350
Rochester, MN 55901

For more information or to request a printed copy of the proposal, please contact Jess Althoff at 507-206-2845 or contact the DNR Information Center.