Transport Invasive Species and Aquatic Plants

Generally, you may not transport aquatic plants or prohibited invasive species in Minnesota without a permit.

You may use one of the following general permits if you own a boat or equipment that requires transport to a location away from the water access for cleaning, repair, or storage. You may also use one of the following general permits if you are a shoreland owner transporting aquatic plants to a disposal location.

These permits:

  • are for non-commercial use only (commercial users may need a Lake Service Provider permit);
  • authorize one-way transport of a boat, equipment or aquatic plants; and
  • are only valid one day.

If you need to transport construction equipment with prohibited invasive species attached, please use General Permit 2015-005 and read Best Practices for Prevention of Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.

To use these permits

  1. Download and print the appropriate permit.
  2. Read and understand the permit eligibility and conditions.
  3. Fill out all information, sign and date the permit.
  4. Carry the signed permit with you during transportation of the boat, equipment or plants.

There are no fees for these permits.

General Permits


Adam Doll, AIS Prevention Consultant, 651-259-5056

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