Terrestrial Invasive Species Early Detection

Photo: early detection photos: Black-swallow wort, Asian long-horned beetle, Brown marmorated stink bug, Yellow star thistleThe best way to control invasive animals and plants is to eliminate populations before they spread and proliferate. We can minimize the impact of newly arrived invasive species through early detection and rapid response. We can better control invasive species and prevent their spread to new location by finding and treating populations while they are small, which can reduce environmental and economic impacts. These actions result in lower costs and less resource damage than implementing a long-term control program after the invasive is established.

Criteria for early detection target species are non-native, invasive species with limited distribution in Minnesota that are assessed as high risk.

The DNR is working to keep invasive species out of Minnesota. Early reports of new populations allow us to respond rapidly and control invasives before they spread to new areas.

You can help reduce the risk posed by invasive species by reporting them.

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