Invasive Species Program

Program Purpose

Curb the spread and minimize harmful effects of nonnative species that can:

  1. cause displacement of, or otherwise threaten, native species in their natural communities; or
  2. threaten natural resources or their use in the state.

Program Goals

  • Prevent introductions of new invasive species into Minnesota.
  • Prevent the spread of invasive species within Minnesota.
  • Reduce the impacts caused by invasive species to Minnesota's ecology, society, and economy.



Funding for invasive species activities is derived from a surcharge on watercraft licenses, a surcharge on non-resident fishing licenses, and the state's general fund. The watercraft surcharge for a three year license period is $5, or $1.67 per year. The program's budget is about $2 million annually. Additional appropriations, primarily for specific research efforts, have come from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund and Minnesota Future Resources Fund. Federal grants are also sought to help fund program efforts.