Deputy Registrar information

Business procedures

Renewal of DNR Vehicle Guidelines

  • Customer Has DNR Generated Renewal Notice:
    • Anyone can renew the registration.
  • Customer Does Not Have The DNR Generated Renewal Notice:
    • A non-owner, will need to provide either power of attorney from the owner or a MNDNR Deputy Registrar Consent to Renew Registration form.
    • Note: Spouses may no longer renew registration unless they provide the renewal or have the Consent to Renew or Power of Attorney
  • High Profile Watercraft User Procedure

Fees and forms

Printer troubleshooting

Sales tax


ELS data privacy training


Title and registration general line: 651-296-2316

Toll-free: 1-800-285-2000

24-hour Help Desk: 1-877-447-1319

Email: [email protected]

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