Electronic License System (ELS) Agent Management

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Transition questions & answers

Why is a new ELS system needed?
The DNR is modernizing its ELS which will leverage new technology and trends occuring in other states. This includes convenience of modern technology as part of the purchasing experience.
Why encourage buyers to buy online or mobile when they get all their angling/hunting needs met at an agent location?
Today's license purchasers like the convenience of purchasing on a whims notice. The new system provides additional online purchasing options to those currently offered today. Recreationists have the option to continue their traditional experience of purchasing at your location.
Why isn't the DNR providing the equipment?
The equipment is owned and maintained by the current contractor and this contract ends March 2020. The new vendor will not be providing equipment as part of the new ELS.
Why do I need to use my own equipment and supplies?
No special equipment will be needed aside from routine equipment (computer, printer, internet access) and no physical (hard-copy) licenses will be required - thus reducing or eliminating space needed for special equipment and materials.
What if I don't have the necessary office equipment?
We plan to work with the contractor to determine what options are available.
How is the DNR going to keep the web based system secure?
Security and private data are a high priority. We will be working with our contractor to ensure the system is secure.
Why am I collecting a Social Security Number?
A first time user of the ELS system is required to provide a social security number per state law.
What security requirements does my business need?
System security is a high priority. We are in the early stages of the process and will be working with our contractor to ensure we have a secure system. Once we get through discovery phases of the project we will know more and share this information.
What are the eligibility requirements to be a license agent?
Routine office equipment and security (i.e. computer, printer, paper).
How do I become a web-based agent?
Contact Jeannine Johannsen at 1-877-348-0498 or 651-297-1230 for guidance.
How many licenses do I need to sell?
Agents should sell a minimum of 300 per year as set by rule.
Do I still get $1 per transaction?
Yes, agents will continue to receive $1 per eligible transaction.
Can the DNR pay more than $1 per transaction?
Changing this requires legislative action. Agents may contact their legislator with concerns. Hunters and anglers pay this fee as it's an add-on to the license cost.
Will there be a limit on the number of agents?
There is no limit on the number of agents, however our current contract has a limited number of equipment sets available, therefore we have denied new agent applications.
Will I get my $200 equipment deposit back?
Will agents be able to scan driver's licenses?
We plan to work with the contractor to determine what options are available.


ELS General Line: 651-297-1230
Toll-free: 1-877-348-0498
24-hour Help Desk: 1-877-447-1319
Email: [email protected]