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Minnesota Fishes

by Nadine Meyer

August 2008

Life in the Pond Book Cover

Fish Eyes

By Lois Ehlert

Published by Harcourt Children's Books

Grades: PreK-1 ISBN: 0152280502

Easy to understand, this book is written for the very young reader learning to count the brilliantly colored fish that swim through its pages. The story actively involves the reader in the lives of fishes, and teaches the child to count the fish as they begin their life cycles in wetlands. Readers are asked to imagine donning scales, fins, and tail for a downriver swim. Though the fish are imaginary they are designed with characteristics similar to trout, catfish, angelfish and others found naturally in fresh and salt water environments.

Available in hardcover, board, and paperback.

Song of the Water Boatman Book Cover 

What is a Fish?

By Robert Snedden

Published by Sierra Club Books for Children

Grades: 2-5 ISBN: 0871565455

“In straightforward style, this handsomely designed volume presents fascinating information in large clear type, with lots of bright color photographs by Oxford Scientific Films and other dramatic illustrations. A series of double-page spreads cover how fish breathe, move, see, and hear underwater; how they reproduce; how and what they eat; and how they keep from being eaten. Technical terms (from lateral line detectors to pectoral fins) are explained in the glossary. An attractive introduction to the order and variety of one class of vertebrates.” Hazel Rochman - Booklist

Out of print, used books are available.

Minnesota Field Guide

by Dave Bosanko

Published by Adventure Publications, Inc., Cambridge, MN 

Grades: 8-Adult ISBN 1591931924

This field-guide is pocket-sized and made with water-proof paper. Each fish is beautifully illustrated and key identification characteristics are inset on each page with illustrations. Illustrated comparisons are made to other fish with similar characteristics that may be easily mistaken for the fish being highlighted. Additional information about the fish’s habitat needs life cycle and other interesting facts are included with each fish. The introduction to the book includes information on fishes in Minnesota, suggestions on where to go to learn how to fish in Minnesota, fish diseases, and much more.




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