Beginner's Guide to Fishing

Pier Notes: Take-along guides for learning how to fish

MinnAqua Pier Notes consist of five four-page brochures, which are designed for scout and 4-H leaders, youth programmers, fishing guides, and park & recreation staff that are taking kids fishing.

These easy to use memory jogs will assist you in providing quality aquatic and fishing education at the water's edge. They also reinforce the learning objectives from lessons in the MinnAqua Fishing: Get in the Habitat! leader's guide.

If you don't have time to get a Fishing: Get in the Habitat! lesson in before taking your youth participants on a fishing trip, Pier Notes are a great way to cover some fun facts, safety tips, and aquatic ecology on the go!

Casting, Finding, Landing, and Fish Senses

  • Casting a Spin Cast Rig
  • Where and When to Find Panfish
  • Hooking and Landing the Fish
  • Fish Senses

Description: This booklet focuses on how to locate fish, aim your cast and land the fish once it bites your hook. The last page describes fish senses to help anglers decide what techniques and equipment to use while fishing.

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Rods and Reels, Rigging and Knot-tying, Bait and Lures

  • Rods and Reels
  • Rigging and Knot-tying
  • Baiting Your Hook
  • Lured by Lures

Description: This booklet identifies different types of fishing equipment and provides a guide on how to prepare your equipment for fishing.

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Fun Facts, Pop Can Rigs, Tackle Box, and Safety

  • Fishing Fun Facts
  • Making Your Own Fishing Rig
  • What's In Your Tackle Box?
  • Planning for Safe Fishing

Description: This booklet can help you find your inner-fish nerd and become a safe, self-sufficient angler on a tight budget.

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Ethics, Watersheds, Plants, and Invertebrates

  • The Laws of the Lake
  • Watersheds and Water Quality
  • Littorally Speaking
  • Creatures From the Muck

Description: This booklet takes a look at the deeper side of fishing - becoming an aquatic habitat steward. Get a glimpse of what lives under the water and a broader understanding of the dynamics between the land around a lake and the water within.

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Handling a Fish, Hook Removal, Fish Anatomy, and Identification

  • Handling Fish Properly
  • Hook Removal and Release
  • External Anatomy of a Fish
  • Which Fish is Which?

Description: This booklet provides helpful instructions on how to safely handle fish that you catch along with tips on identifying fish and their parts.

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