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The MinnAqua Program provides these images, graphics, and photographs for non-commercial educational use. See disclaimers, legal notices and policies on how to request to use these materials for any commercial purpose.

Aquatic Invertebrates (89 images)
Illustrations of native and invasive aquatic insects, crustaceans, spiders, and worms found in Minnesota

Aquatic Microscopic Organisms (17 images)
Illustrations of bacteria, zooplankton and phytoplankton found in Minnesota

Aquatic Plants (79 images)
Illustrations of native and invasive emergent, floating-leaf, free-floating, and submerged aquatic plants; shoreline plants and aquatic habitats.

Aquatic Vertebrates (14 images)
Illustrations of reptiles, amphibians, and birds that use aquatic habitats.

Fish (88 images)
Illustrations of native and invasive fish found in Minnesota grouped by families.

Fish Parts (66 images)
Illustrations of fish anatomy, fins, eyes, nests, eggs, and more.

Fish habitat and life cycle (40 images)
Illustrations of fish nests, eggs, life cycle, and more.

Fisheries Management (40 images)
Photos of fisheries management equipment, activities and tools.

Fishing Equipment (105 images)
Photos of rods, reels, tackle and other equipment.

Fishing Skills & Safety (63 images)
Photos and illustrations of fishing skills and safety equipment.

Fly Fishing Equipment (18 images)
Photographs of files and fly fishing equipment.

Ice Fishing Equipment & Safety (43 images)
Photographs of ice fishing equipment and ice safety.

Lesson Specific Images (45 images)
Photographs and illustrations of crafts, diagrams, and equipment specific to lessons in Fishing: Get in the Habitat! Leader's Guide.

Scientific Illustrations (62 images)
Illustrations of cycles, anatomy, and other scientific concepts.

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