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Safety and Fishing at the Water's Edge

by Nadine Meyer, Aquatic Education Specialist

August 2008

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing, 1987

by Earlene R. Long, Illustrated by Richard Brown

Grades: PreK-3 ISBN: 0395442362

A young boy is excited to go fishing with his father. A simple story that tells about a fun day fishing with family.

Available in hardcover & paperback.


Fishing, 2004

by Lisa Klobuchar

Grades: 3-6 ISBN: 1403461244

Part of the fun of fishing is the mystery As your line disappears into the water, you try to imagine what’s going on under the surface. Is your hook and bait just dangling unnoticed in deep water? Or is a hungry fish eyeing it and getting ready to snap it up?

Available in hardcover.

Once Upon an Isle

Once Upon an Isle: The Story of Fishing Families, 1992

By Howard Sivertson

Grades: 3 & up ISBN: 0962436933

This nonfiction book contains beautiful paintings and stories, including: “Winter on the North Shore” (families wait for the ice-out on the lake); “Picking Baits” (a woman helps her husband prepare for a day of picking 500 herring from nets to use for bait); “The Fish House” (a flurry of activity as men and boys pack fish into boxes of ice and grandmother selects fish for supper); and “Emergency Repairs” (a fisherman fears the worst as winds pound his small boat).

2003 edition available in paperback, 1993 edition available used.

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