Book Reviews

Fisheries Management

by Nadine Meyer, Aquatic Education Specialist

May 2012

The Shape of Bett's Meadow book cover

The Shape of Betts Meadow: A Wetlands Story, 2002

by Meghan Nuttall Sayres, Joanne Friar; Millbrook Press

Grades: PreK-3 ISBN: 0761321152

This picture-book account of the renewal of a dry meadow in Washington State begins when a local doctor decides to purchase the land and restore it to its original wetland state. Watercolor illustrations show the doctor first mapping the area from the air to establish where streams once flowed, and working with heavy equipment to dig holes for ponds. Other illustrations show the gradual return of birds, fish, frogs, and large mammals.

Available in hardcover and paperback.

Fish Watching with Eugenie Clark book cover

Fish Watching with Eugenie Clark, 2000

by Michael Elsohn Ross, illustrated Wendy Smith, Carolrhoda Books

Grades: 3-6 ISBN: 1575053845

This book describes the life and career of ichthyologist Eugenie Clark, who began her research by observing freshwater aquarium fishes before undertaking an underwater study of sharks and other marine animals. The book includes observation tips and related activities.

Not in print, can be purchased used.

Pity the Poor Fish Then Man book cover

Pity the Poor Fish Then Man: 50 Years of Upper Great Lakes History

By Clifford Ross Gearhart; Gearhart Pub Co

Grades: 6-12 ISBN: 0932212522

This book is packed with true short stories about the commercial fisheries in the Upper Great Lakes from 1930- 1980. Many of the stories include historical photos and/or illustrations of the fishing equipment used by the commercial fishing industry. The stories are engaging first-person accounts of the lives of commercial fishermen and their families.

Not in print, can be purchased used.

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