Aquatic Habitats & Stewardship

In the Small, Small Pond, 1993, 1998

By Denise Flemming
Grades: PreK-2 ISBN: 0805022643

Using alliteration and simple images, this book looks at a pond through a child's eyes of discovery. This Caldecott Honor book using full-spread imagery to show nature's aquatic habitat above and below the water.

Available in hardcover & Paperback

The Web at Dragonfly Pond, 2006

by Brian "Fox" Ellis, Ill. by Michael S. Maydak
Grades: PreK-6 ISBN: 1584690798

Starting with fishing, a young boy learns how nature and humans are connected through the web of life. As the youth waits for a fish to strike his lure he observes the food-chain from plant to insect to fish to human. The story is engaging for read-aloud to K-3 students, and can be used as a supplemental reader for grades 3-6.

Available in hardcover and paperback.

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