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Fishing Equipment and Skills

by Nadine Meyer, Aquatic Education Specialist

May 2009

a good day's fishing cover image

a good day’s fishing, 2004

by James Prosek; Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Grades: PreK-3 ISBN: 0689853270

A beautifully and accurately illustrated book with simple text that describes different fishing lures and what types of fish a young boy caught with each lure. The story also goes into other types of tackle that may be used for fishing and ends with a simple safety message.

Available in hardcover.


Freshwater Fish & Fishing, 1982

By Jim Arnosky, Simon & Schuster

Grades: 3-6 ISBN: 0027058506

This accurately illustrated book about freshwater fish and fishing skills provides hands on activities and excellent information on where to find fish.

Not in print, can be purchased used, as hardcover or paperback.


Fishing Minnesota, Angling with the Experts in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, 1993, 2003

by Greg Breining; University of Minnesota Press

Grades: 6-12 ISBN: 1559711507

Using real-life narratives, this book engages novice and experienced anglers in the joy of fishing throughout the variety of lakes and rivers found in Minnesota. The author artfully describes the how-to without making this a how-to manual, transporting the reader onto the actual body of water and seeing the thought process of picking the right location and fishing equipment to catch the fish you desire. This book also brings in the history of fishing and describes how fishing techniques evolved over time.

2003 edition available in paperback, 1993 edition available used.

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