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Cooking and Eating Fish

by Nadine Meyer

May 2011

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Kids' Fun & Healthy Cookbook cover

Kids' Fun & Healthy Cookbook, 2007

by Nicola Graimes, DK Publishing
Grades: PreK-4 ISBN: 9780756629168

This fully illustrated cookbook gives clear step-by-step instructions on recipes and clearly notes which steps must be completed by adults for safety or other reasons. This cookbook also gives nutritional background information on a variety of foods; fish and Omega-3 fats can be found on pages 13-15. This cookbook provides 5 recipes for cooking with fish.

Available in hardcover.

What the World Eats cover

What the World Eats, 2008

by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio, Tricycle Press
Grades: 5-9 ISBN: 9781582462462

This book contains eye opening statistics, background, and cultural connections to food consumption around the world. Beautiful photographs enhance the stories and facts that are interspersed with recipes provided by the families that are highlighted from twenty one countries.

Available in hardcover.

Cleaning & Cooking Fish cover

Cleaning and Cooking Fish, the complete guide to preparing delicious freshwater fish, 1999

By Sylvia Bashline, Creative Publishing International, Inc.
Grades: 8 and up ISBN: 0865730962

"If you want to learn how to prepare fish like an expert, this book is for you. It doesn't matter whether you purchase trout from the grocery store or catch a basket of bluegills from your favorite pond, this book teaches you the best methods for successfully cleaning and cooking your fish. Nutritional information and over 325 color photographs complement 120-plus recipes." ~ The Freshwater Angler

Available in hardcover.

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