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Winter Fishing & Aquatic Habitats

by Nadine Meyer, November 2009

My Little Fish House cover

My Little Fish House, 2004
by Alice Palace, Ill. by Carrie Sineby
Grades: PreK-3 ISBN: 097094442

This short story takes you to a family ice-fishing house where a young child anticipates catching a lot of fish. The story illustrates why fishing is not called catching, includes a “fish story” and ends on a happy note.

Available in hardcover, new at MN DNR State Park bookstores & used online


Tobias Goes Ice Fishing cover

Tobias Goes Ice Fishing, 1984
By Ole Hertz
Grades: 2-6 ISBN: 0876142609

“The Tobias books are about a Greenlandic boy who lives with his family in a small settlement.” This book tells the story about how the family catches fish in the winter for commercial fishing, traditional to Greenlandic cultures. Either a read-aloud book or supplemental reading for older students.

Available in hardcover, used & new


Modern Methods of Ice Fishing cover

Modern Methods of Ice fishing, 1999
by Tom Gruenwald
Grades: Reference ISBN: 0865730717

From habitats to tackle to tips on catching specific species of fish, this guide to ice fishing is a one-stop shop for the novice and experienced ice-angler. The in-depth species and habitat information are excellent reference material. High-quality photographs accompany each section to help illustrate fishing techniques and identify the equipment and fish that is discussed.

Available in hardcover, used

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