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February 2011

Family Fish ID Fishing Education Program at Sibley State Park

Ask a professional angler if all the little details balancing their presentation of lures, lines, baits, boat speed, location and equipment, make a difference in catching fish and the resounding answer will be yes! And in the same respect, you as teachers are always searching to tackle a more efficient or effective way to present your curriculum to your students or even sharing outdoor experiences with your own family. A great tool in the tackle box might be to take advantage of our 68 Minnesota State Parks.

Like the MinnAqua and Mentoring Programs, Minnesota State Parks vision is to create unforgettable recreational and educational experience that inspires people to pass along the love for the outdoors to the next generation. Minnesota State Parks provide great interactive educational programs for adventurers of any age. Their trained staff and interns are all extremely knowledgeable about most things natural: terrestrials, distilling maple syrup, fossils, forests, prairies and aquatic creatures of all descriptions, just to name a few. All these potential topics provided by the Interpretive Naturalists, and the Junior Park Naturalist and Park Explorer programs could easily be a great supplement to your curriculum.

Contact a State Park near you for more information on interactive programs for your classroom. What a great way to mentor your students in the outdoors using the assets of our Minnesota State Parks.


  • Don’t forget Take a Kid Ice Fishing weekend is February 19-21, 2011(February 18-20 in 2012). The idea behind these three "free" days of fishing is to introduce children and even some adults to one of the state's most popular wintertime outdoor activities. During Take-A-Kid Ice Fishing Weekend, anglers 16 and older do not need a license if they are accompanied by a child younger than 16 and are actively participating.

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