Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and Remote Sensing are integral to work in the DNR.

The links below lead to applications and information the GIS Section and the State of Minnesota have developed in pursuit of our mission.

  • Minnesota Geospatial Commons - A collaborative place for users and publishers of geospatial resources in Minnesota.
  • DNRGPS Application - Open Source rewrite of the popular DNRGarmin program (works with more GPS models, is compatible with ArcGIS10, 10.1 and 10.2).
  • GDRS Manager Application - A Geospatial Data Resource Site (GDRS) is a structured collection of GIS apps and data used as the data structure that supports the Minnesota Geospatial Commons (MGC) and Quick Layers . This application allows anyone to create their own local GDRS.
  • MNDNR Quick Layers for ArcGIS 10 - Quick Layers is an Add-In for ArcMap that allows rapid access to the DNR's Geospatial Data Resource Site (GDRS). It is recommended to use the GDRS Manager to copy the Quick Layers toolbar.
  • MNDNR Toolbox Tools v10 – ArcGIS 10.x Toolbox includes dozens of tools used regularly by DNR staff, including the Hydro Tools.
  • DNRSurvey Application - DNRSurvey is an ESRI ArcMap AddIn (toolbar) developed by MnDNR Wildlife and MNIT Services to facilitate aerial surveys of wildlife. It employs moving map functionality and customized data entry forms to record point, line, polygon, or audio point features in real time.

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