Wildlife Action Plan 2015-25 Resources

The following Wildlife Action Network (WAN) maps and associated GIS (Geographic Information System) data are available to help incorporate aspects of the WAN into project planning:

Wildlife Action Network Maps

Wildlife Action Network GIS Data

  • The Wildlife Action Network (WAN) is available in ArcMap via Quick Layers in Environmental Quality\Research and Project Focus Areas\MN Wildlife Action Plan 2015-2025.
  • For users external to the DNR, the WAN may be found on the MN Geospatial Commons.

A brief description of the Wildlife Action Network . (200 k) and the components used in its development and scoring is available.

For an overview of the concepts that informed the habitat approach and Wildlife Action Network, please see Chapter 1 (21 mb) and Chapter 2 (1.4 mb) in the 2015-2025 MNWAP.

For detailed information on the development of the Wildlife Action Network, please see Appendix E (46 mb) of the 2015-2025 Minnesota Wildlife Action Plan.

Wildlife Action Network and Conservation Focus Area Guidance

Information and examples on how to incorporate the Wildlife Action Network and reference Conservation Focus Areas in conservation projects, plans and funding proposals, is provided in two pdf formats: a narrative document, as well as a PowerPoint.

Conservation Focus Areas Status Map (2020)

Species in Greatest Conservation Need

Minnesota's 2015-25 list of Species in Greatest Conservation Need is provided as an Excel spreadsheet that allows the user to:

  • Search for a Species in Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) by its common or scientific name.
  • Sort SGCN by taxa, state conservation status, federal conservation status (endangered, threatened, etc.), or the criteria the species met to be included on the list of Species in Greatest Conservation Need.

The complete description of the Criteria Used by Experts to Assess SGCN is also available online.

MN Wildlife Action Plan: The Eight Required Elements

Congress identified eight required elements for each State to address in the development of its Wildlife Action Plan. This document, a supplement to Minnesota's Wildlife Action Plan 2015-2025, explains the data and methodologies MN DNR staff used to address all eight elements.

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