News release: Fish and Wildlife Almanac, June 24

June 24, 2024

Minimize conflicts with bears this summer

In the absence of human-created attractions, bears rely on small, scattered patches of natural foods: specific types of young green vegetation in spring, certain species of ants and ant pupae in June, berries in summer, and nuts in fall. But if bears can get access to concentrated, high-calorie, easily accessible foods around people’s homes and campsites, they are quickly enticed away from their natural food sources.

It is important to secure anything that a bear would consider food. Don’t condition bears to associate homes or campsites with an easy meal by leaving out unsecured garbage, birdseed or pet food. Learn more about how to reduce property damage, and the chance of human-bear conflicts, on the Minnesota DNR website and BearWise online resources.

Minnesota DNR webinars focus on northern Minnesota wildlife, loon restoration

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites people interested in wildlife and outdoor skills to check out the summer program schedule for the Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series.

In a webinar on Wednesday, June 26, join Minnesota DNR wildlife managers as they discuss the wildlife found in northern forests and wetlands and the DNR’s work to improve wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities. The webinar will cover the latest in wildlife topics and stories from Minnesota’s north country and answer wildlife questions.

In a webinar on Wednesday, July 3, Jayden Jech, loon specialist and Minnesota Loon Restoration Project lead, dives into conservation efforts focused on the common loon in Minnesota. Learn more about the Minnesota Loon Restoration Project, collaborative community science efforts, and how to Be Loon Aware on Minnesota lakes.

The Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series webinars are free and offered year-round, though registration is required. Visit the Outdoor Skills and Stewardship webpage of the Minnesota DNR website for the registration portal, more information about upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars.

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