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Learn about or sharpen your outdoor skills with these upcoming online webinars in our Minnesota outdoor skills and stewardship series.

Each webinar begins at noon on Wednesdays and last less than an hour. These offerings are shorter than in-person opportunities, require no travel and fit into busy schedules.

Contact Benji Kohn for additional information at [email protected] or 651-259-5178.

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Upcoming webinars

Hunters as citizen scientists

DNR researchers are tasked with monitoring the populations of many game species to help wildlife management efforts, including efforts to set hunting seasons and regulations. But they can’t always collect the data themselves. In this webinar, you’ll learn about two science-based surveys in which hunters are integral to contributing the data needed to help monitor deer and turkey populations through time.

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Clay target shooting for beginners

Sheri Brengman, DNR Becoming an Outdoors Woman program volunteer steering committee member and instructor, will talk about the basics of trap shooting and other clay target shooting games. Learn the terminology, structure, and etiquette so you’re ready to head out and give it a try yourself!

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Early goose season

Minnesota has a very healthy Canada goose population, especially in areas near cities and urban centers. Special hunting seasons that target local geese have been established by the DNR. Dave Trauba, DNR wildlife manager, will discuss early season hunting opportunities for geese and provide tips on where and how to bag a goose this time of the year.

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Hunting ammunition options and tips

Kraig Kiger, DNR shooting sports coordinator, will lead a talk on hunting ammunition. We will discuss options for different game, development of alternatives to lead and other tips to consider when purchasing ammo.

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Past webinars

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Aquatic invasive species

Protecting Minnesota's waters: Learn about the challenges presented by invasive species, why it’s important to prevent their spread and ways you can help protect Minnesota waters.


Fall fishing: Learn about tackle and techniques for fall bass fishing.

Introduction: Hear the finer points of how to catch more bass consistently all year around.

Smallmouth in rivers: Anglers often overlook rivers in their search for bass to catch. Learn more about where smallmouth bass hang out in rivers.


River catfishing: Designed for those new to catfishing, this seminar will covers channel and flathead catfish equipment and rigging, baits and places to try from shore and boat.

Common fish

Catching rough fish: Have you ever wondered about all those fish that are termed “rough fish?" Find out why they're not so rough as well as why and how to catch them.


Darkhouse spearing: Learn about spearing large fish through a big hole in the ice – the closest thing to hunting on hard water. Please check spearing regulations.

Fly fshing 101: Learn about the basic equipment needed and get some tips on where to find fish.

Fly tying: Learn about the equipment needed, how to use it and the basics of tying simple flies.

High school fishing leagues: Learn how you can connect with Minnesota’s increasing number of high school fishing leagues and clubs.

Ice fishing for panfish: Winter time is the right time for sunfish, crappie and perch. Get tips, techniques and pointers.

Lead tackle alternatives: Lead fishing tackle poses dangers to loons and other wildlife. Learn about lead-free tackle alternatives on the market and fishing success stories with this gear.

Lure help: A look at a few fishing lures and how to use them so you can catch more fish.

Shore fishing 101: Successful and practical fishing techniques to help you catch more fish from shore.

Shore fishing 102: More practical fishing techniques and places to help you catch more fish from shore.


Muskie info & management: Learn about Minnesota’s largest apex predator fish, the muskellunge, and how the DNR manages it.

Metro muskie fishing basics: Dive into the brain of one of the best muskie fishing anglers in the Twin Cities.


Superior streams: Learn about fly fishing for spring steelhead surrounded by some of the state's most rugged beauty on Minnesota's North Shore.


Management and tips: Learn about the recovery of this anciet fish species and the basics of how to fish for sturgeon in Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River.


Bigger fish initiative: Everyone loves to catch sunfish. This DNR initiative is a way to keep our fisheries producing quality fish.


Finding trout: Learn about locating trout at all times of the year in Minnesota's lakes and streams.


Open water basics: Learn walleye fishing basics and fundamentals.

Walleye basics: Pro angler and bait shop owner Nancy Koep covers the basics of walleye fishing.



Biology & baiting: A discussion of why baiting is a necessary part of bear hunting and methods for attracting bears to a site.


2022 regulations: New deer hunting regulations in 2022, population numbers and new CWD areas.

CWD: Important information hunters need to know about chronic wasting disease and what the DNR is doing to manage this disease.

Expanded opportunities: A review of upcoming deer season dates, application deadlines and special hunts, information that could help you explore and expand your deer hunting opportunities.

Last-minute prep: Last minute tips, reminders and strategies to be successful this deer season.

Muzzleloader: The basics of using a muzzleloader and other timely tips and techniques for the muzzleloader deer season. Firesticks may not be legal in 2022. Check all regulations before using this technology.

Firearms safety

Getting certified: A discussion of Minnesota hunter safety requirements, including how to get certified in firearms safety.


Adult learning: Resources for new adult hunters along with tips and tricks to get them out into field and forest.


See the archery and shooting topics in the Outdoors listing.

Mourning dove

Getting started: Basic strategies and techniques to harvest mourning doves in Minnesota.


Getting started: Strategies, techniques and how to get started chasing longtails.

Small game

Basics: A look at what equipment is needed, how to get started and where to hunt.


Winter hunting: Cold-weather tactics, strategies, gear and ways to prepare harvested squirrels for the table.


Introduction to trapping: Learn how to get started trapping fur-bearing animals and where you can set traps.

Upland birds

Hunting with a pointing dog: What owner and dog need to know to become a team in the field.


Basics: Tips and resources to get started in waterfowl hunting and an introduction to regulations and how they're set.

Wild turkey

Spring hunting: Information and tips to help you get into the field and find success.



Archery hunting basics: Learn how to select a hunting compound bow and the bow accessories needed to hunt effectively in the field.

Getting started: Learn basic archery terms and skills necessary to select a bow to fit your needs.

Transporting firearms: Learn about transporting your firearm or archery equipment across town or around the world.


Maple syruping: Tips on collecting sap, boiling the sap and bottling the results.

North Shore edibles: Learn about some of the wild edibles you might be passing by as you explore Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior.

Springtime bounty: Learn about foraging for springtime wild foods.

Wild rice: Minnesota has more natural wild rice than any other state and the DNR manages many lakes for wild rice? Find out why and how we do this and discover some success stories.

Wild rice harvesting: What you need to know to get out and harvest your own wild rice.


Holiday gifts: Gifts from the DNR to get people outdoors.


Create your own: Resources and things you can do to attract more wildlife to your woodland property.

Managing your shoreline: Manage your lakeshore so it protects water quality and fishing but still provides access for your family to enjoy the lake.

Sharp-tailed grouse: Learn about sharp-tailed grouse behavior, biology, where they range in Minnesota and their habitat needs.


Kayak the backwaters: Learn how to kayak the backwaters of the Mississippi River.

Paddling basics: Discover the basics of canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding. Learn where you can go and where you can rent craft.


Nature RX: Tools and resources to explore parks and greenspaces near you and learn about outdoor recreation opportunities at Minnesota state parks.

Plants for pollinators: Native plants, pollinators and an award-winning podcast are all part of this discussion about bees and butterflies.


Becoming an Outdoors Woman: Learn about upcoming in-person classes for women and families to learn about and participate in outdoor activities.

Cuyuna Country: Learn about this central Minnesota place that offers premier mountain biking, SCUBA, boating and much more.

Helping kids fish: Resources to help you and your kids enjoy Take a Kid Fishing weekends.

Outdoor adventures: Learn about 4-H's comprehensive outdoor education program that includes shooting sports and wildlife, 4-H ATV safety, wildlife biology, fishing, conservation, and outdoor skills.


4-H shooting sports: Learn about a program designed to promote life skills through a safe learn-by-doing program.

Basic firearms maintenance: Keep your firearms in tip-top shape.

Choosing a caliber: Learn what caliber you should choose for the game animal you’re hunting.

Choosing a rifle: Learn about rifle actions and their uses so you can decide which rifle will meet your recreational needs.

Choosing a shotgun: How to select your first shotgun for hunting or target shooting.

Transporting firearms: Learn about transporting your firearm or archery equipment across town or around the world.

High school trap shooting: Learn about Minnesota's clay target high school league and how your school can participate.


Going batty: Learn all about Minnesota bats and why they're great backyard visitors.

Winter activities

Camping: A discussion of the equipment needed, tips and tricks to help you enjoy your camping in the winter.

Ice safety: Learn how to be safe out on the ice for lots of Minnesota winter fun.

Winter fun: Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing basics.