Chengwatana State Forest Trails

Chengwatana State Forest Trails

This 15-mile system offers a varying riding experience for all levels. Located at the intersection of the Kettle and St. Croix rivers, along the border of Wisconsin, the trail travels through rolling terrain and forested uplands. The wide, gentle curves are well-suited to new riders. The narrow, sharper curves provide challenges for more experienced trail-goers. The Chengwatana State Forest is classified as LIMITED. The trails are provided by Pine County and maintained by the Pine Riders Club.

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Pine County

From Pine City, go 4 miles northeast on Co. Rd. 9, then 9 miles east on Co. Rd. 10/Chengwatana Forest Rd.

  • MN DNR Parks & Trails
  • 218-460-7020
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Vehicles allowed

ATV ATV (class II allowed)


When open

CLOSED to all recreational OHV use during firearms deer season except OHV use by persons possessing a valid deer license: a) before legal shooting time; b) from 11 am until 2 pm; c) after shooting hours. See MN Statute 84.777, subdivision 2 for more information.

Normal season:

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Difficulty & trail length


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15 miles

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Pine City

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