Planning and Partnerships

DNR staff talk about prairie with visitors on a Minnesota prairie.DNR staff talk about prairie with visitors on a Minnesota prairie.

The Prairie Plan

Native prairies, grasslands, wetlands, lakes, and streams are important parts of a healthy prairie ecosystem. When working properly, this ecosystem provides many benefits including stability, adaptability, and resilience in the face of environmental changes. Larger and more connected prairie supports animal species with larger home ranges, facilitates species movement, and increases gene flow (which is important for prairie diversity and survival).
In 2010, conservation partners from across the state came together to create the Minnesota Prairie Conservation Plan, a 25-year strategy for prairie protection and management. This "blueprint" for Minnesota prairies lays out specific conservation strategies and target areas aimed at creating functional prairie ecosystems.

Prairie Related Planning Efforts

Prairie Partnerships

Significant Funders Supporting Minnesota DNR Prairie Protection and Management

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