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COMPLETE LIST – Fisheries Investigational Reports

NumberTitle, author
367Minnesota Live Bait Industry Assessment Report. By Dirk L. Peterson and Floyd A. Hennagir. Feb. 1980. 89 pp.
368The Walleye Sport Fishery in Three Upper Mississippi Reservoir Lakes: Cass, Andrusia, and Big Wolf, 1971-75. By Robert Strand. March 1980. 38 pp.
369Effects of Winterkill and Chemical Eradication of Fish on a Lake Ecosystem. By Farrell Bandow. April 1980. 40 pp.
370The Summer Sportfishery in Voyageurs National Park and Surrounding Waters for 1977 and 1978. By Dennis Ernst and Thomas C. Osborn. April 1980. 37 pp.
371Comparison of Marks on Scales and Dorsal Spine Sections as Indicators of Walleye Age. By Donald E. Olson. Dec. 1980. 17 pp.
372Evaluation of Madison, Donaldson and Kamloops Strains of Rainbow Trout Salmo gairdneri in Lake Superior. By Tracy Close and Richard Hassinger. March 1981. 17 pp.
373Experimental Incubation of Fish Eggs in a Moist-Air Environment. By Donald E. Olson. July 1981. 13 pp.
374The Effects of Water Levels and Other Factors on Walleye and Northern Pike Reproduction and Abundance in Rainy and Namakan Reservoirs. By Thomas C. Osborn, Dennis B. Ernst, and Dennis H. Schupp. July 1981. 46 pp.
375Management of Ponds for Bait-Leeches in Minnesota. By Dirk L. Peterson. July 1982. 43 pp.
376Factors Affecting Brown Trout Reproduction in Southeastern Minnesota Streams. By Dennis W. Anderson. May 1983. 36 pp.
378Effects of Continuous Fishing on the Walleye and Sauger Population in Pool 4, Mississippi River. By William Thorn. Aug. 1984. 52 pp.
379Interaction of Lake Trout and Rainbow Smelt in Two Northwestern Minnesota Lakes. By Richard Hassinger and Tracy Close. Aug. 1984. 40 pp.
380Chinook Salmon in the Minnesota Sport Fishery of Lake Superior. By Tracy Close, Richard Hassinger and Steve Colvin. Oct. 1984. 31 pp.
381Long-Term Changes in the Lake Winnibigoshish Walleye Sport Fishery. By Thomas C. Osborn and Dennis H. Schupp. May 1985. 41 pp.
382Growth and Fecundity of Chinook Salmon in Western Lake Superior. By Steve Colvin and Tracy Close. May 1985. 7 pp.
383The Role of Research in Minnesota Fisheries Management. By Robert Davis. July 1985. 15 pp.
384Evaluation of Flathead Catfish as a Predator in a Minnesota Lake. By Robert Davis. June 1985. 24 pp.
385Kamloops, Madison and Donaldson Strains of Rainbow Trout in an Oligotrophic Lake. By Tracy Close, Steve Colvin and Richard Hassinger. Nov. 1985. 25 pp.
386Evaluation of Winter Lake Aeration Techniques in Minnesota. By Farrell Bandow. April 1986. 48 pp.
387Fish Community Responses to Northern Pike Stocking in Horseshoe Lake, Minnesota. By Dennis W. Anderson and Dennis H. Schupp. July 1986. 38 pp.
388Shoreline Seining for Young-of-the-Year Largemouth Bass as a Method of Predicting Recruitment to the Anglers Catch. By Huon Newburg and Dennis H. Schupp. July 1986. 25 pp.
389Status and Simulation Model of Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, Walleye Fisheries. By Ronald D. Payer, Donald L. Pereira, Mike L. Larson, Jerry A. Younk, Richard V. Frie, Dennis H. Schupp and Thomas C. Osborn. April 1987. 160 pp.
390Hooking Mortality of Walleye Caught on Live and Artificial Baits. By Ronald D. Payer, R. Pierce and Donald L. Pereira. July 1987. 15 pp.
391Comparisons of Catches by Standard Lake Survey Nets with Catches by Modified Nets. By Robert Davis and Dennis H. Schupp. Sept. 1987. 24 pp.
393Fluorescent Pigment Marking of Seven Minnesota Fish Species. By Farrell Bandow. Dec. 1987. 38 pp.
394Evaluation of Habitat Improvement for Brown Trout in Agriculturally Damaged Streams of Southeastern Minnesota. By William Thorn. Jan. 1988. 31 pp.
395Brown Trout Habitat Use in Southeastern Minnesota and its Relationship to Habitat Improvement. By William Thorn. May 1988. 28 pp.
396Walleye-Sauger Bibliography. By Mark Ebbers, Peter J. Colby, and Cheryl A. Lewis. July 1988. 202 pp.
397Under-ice Distribution of Rotenone with Lake Aeration Equipment. By Farrell Bandow. Sept. 1989. 33 pp.
398The Role of Low Flow Habitat and Interspecific Competition in Limiting Anadromous Parr Abundance in North Shore Streams. By Tracy Close, David Belford, Steve Colvin, and Charles S. Anderson. Sept. 1989. 37 pp.
399Limnological Characteristics of Mine Pit Lakes in Northeast Minnesota. By Rodney B. Pierce and Cynthia M. Tomcko. Nov. 1989. 52 pp.
401Evaluation of Special Regulations for Trout in Southeast Minnesota Streams. By William Thorn. Aug. 1990. 66 pp.
402Long Term Retention of Fluorescent Pigment Marking of Chinook Salmon. By Mary T. Negus, D. Belford and Steve Colvin. Aug. 1990. 19 pp.
403Evaluation of Fishing Quality Indices and Sizes of Brown Trout Preferred by Anglers in Southeast Minnesota. By Jerry D. Wiechman. Aug. 1990. 36 pp.
404Fish Community Responses to Manipulation of Yellow Perch and Walleye Abundance. By Timothy J. Goeman, Dennis W. Anderson and Dennis H. Schupp. Nov. 1990. 23 pp.
405The Distribution of Crayfishes in Minnesota. By Judith C. Helgen. Dec. 1990. 108 pp.
406Microhabitat Preferences of Selected Stream Fishes and a Community-Oriented Approach to Instream Flow Assessments. By Luther Aadland, Chantel M. Cook, Mary T. Negus, Henry Drewes and Charles S. Anderson. June 1991. 139 pp.
407Use of Channel Catfish to Create an Urban Fishery in Lions' Lake, Mankato, Minnesota. By Timothy K. Cross, Taylor Polomis, and Robert Davis. June 1991. 11 pp.
408Fluorescent Chemical Marking of Walleye Larva with a Selected Literature Review of Similar Investigations. By Jerry A. Younk and Mark Cook. June 1991. 18 pp.
410Sex Ratios of Young-of-the-Year Walleye from Rearing Ponds and Lakes in Minnesota. By Paul Eiler. Nov.1991. 22 pp.
411Genetic Description of Walleye Stocks in Minnesota. By Michael McInerny, Robert Glazer, G. Zarling, J. Fulton, J. Otis, and K. Guise. Nov.1991. 19 pp.
412The Walleye Sport Fishery of the St. Louis River Estuary, 1980-1982. By Thomas C. Osborn, Tracy Close, Steve Colvin, and Donald L. Pereira. Nov.1991. 13 pp.
413The Role of Research in Minnesota Fisheries Management: An Update. By Peter Jacobson and Robert Davis. Nov.1991. 13 pp.
414Evaluation of Bioenergetics Modeling in the Study of Predator-Prey Dynamics in Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior. By Mary T. Negus. March 1992. 68 pp.
415Macrophyte Removal to Enhance Bluegill, Largemouth and Northern Pike Populations. By Timothy K. Cross, Michael McInerny, and Robert Davis. June 1992. 25 pp.
416Fish Community Responds to Manipulation of Northern Pike and Yellow Perch Densities in a Minnesota Centrarchid Lake. By Timothy J. Goeman and Paul D. Spencer. July 1992. 15 pp.
417An Ecological Classification of Minnesota Lakes with Associated Fish Communities. By Dennis H. Schupp. Aug. 1992. 27 pp.
418Performance Evaluation of Four Muskellunge Esox Masquinony Strains in Two Minnesota Lakes. By Jerry A. Younk and Robert Strand. Sept. 1992. 22 pp.
419Survival, Growth, Sexual Maturation, and Angler Harvest of Three Lake Trout Strains in Four Northeastern Minnesota Lakes. By Gary Siesennop. Sept.1992. 45 pp.
420Applications of an Angler Diary for Muskellunge Esox Masquinongy. By Jerry A. Younk and Mark Cook. Sept. 1992. 21 pp.
421Effect of Size at Stocking on Harvest of Rainbow Trout in Bad Medicine Lake. By Paul K. Cunningham and Charles S. Anderson. Oct. 1992. 17 pp.
422Opinions of Anger Groups and Fisheries Professionals in Minnesota. By Paul K. Cunningham and Charles S. Anderson. Nov. 1992. 22 pp.
423Validation of a Trout Habitat Model for Planning Stream Habitat Improvement Projects. By William Thorn. Dec. 1992. 19 pp.
424Analysis of Factors Affecting Growth of Northern Pike in Minnesota. By Peter Jacobson, Jan. 1993. 25 pp.
425Weight-Length Relationships, Proximate Body Composition, and Winter Survival of Stocked Walleye Fingerlings. By Farrell Bandow and Charles S. Anderson. Feb. 1993. 23 pp.
426Potential Interactions Between Lake Trout and Smallmouth Bass in Lakes of Northeastern Minnesota. By Paul Eiler and Thomas Sak. April 1993. 25 pp.
428Summer Habitat Requirements of Large Brown Trout in Southeast Minnesota Streams. By William C. Thorn and Charles S. Anderson. Sept. 1993. 15 pp.
429Population Dynamics and Harvest of Maintained Walleye Populations in Two Lakes of the Southern Minnesota Agricultural Region. By Farrell Bandow, Kevin J. McKeag, Mark F. Cook, Christie L. Nixon and Bradford G. Parsons. Oct. 1993. 26 pp.
430A Comparison of Summer Gill Netting and Trap Netting to Fall Trap Netting for Sampling Crappie Populations in Minnesota Lakes. By Michael McInerny, Timothy K. Cross and Dennis H. Schupp. Nov. 1993. 19 pp.
432The Relation of Male Bluegill Reproductive Strategies to Exploitation and Population Size Structure in Twelve Minnesota Lakes. By Cynthia M. Tomcko and Rodney B. Pierce. Feb. 1994. 9 pp.
435Evaluation of Walleye Fingerling Stocking in Three West-Central Minnesota Lakes. By Bradford Parsons, Donald L. Pereira, and Paul Eiler. June 1994. 34 pp.
436Population Dynamics of Large Walleye in Big Sand Lake. By Peter C. Jacobson. Aug. 1994. 22 pp.
441Influences of Watershed Parameters on Fish Populations in Selected Minnesota Lakes of the Central Hardwood Forest Ecoregion. By Timothy K. Cross and Michael McInerny. 1995. 20 pp.
442The Effects of Chemical Control of Submerged Vegetation on the Fish Community of a Small Minnesota Centrarchid Lake. By Paul J. Radomski, Timothy J. Goeman, and Paul D. Spencer. 1995. 17 pp.
449Seasonal Habitat Use and Movements of Muskellunge in the Mississippi River. By Jerry A. Younk, Mark F. Cook, Timothy J. Goeman, and Paul D. Spencer. July 1996.
451Seasonal and Diel Variation in Electrofishing Size-selectivity and Catch-per-hour of Largemouth Bass in Minnesota Lakes. By Michael McInerny and Timothy K. Cross. Nov. 1996. 12pp.
452Observations of Predation on Small Bluegill in a Minnesota Centrarchid Lake. Jeffrey R. Reed and Bradford Parsons. Nov. 1996. 12pp.
453Comparative Survival of Naturalized Steelhead, Feral Kamloops, and Their Hybrids During Egg and Fry Stages. By Mary T. Negus. Nov. 1996. 22pp.
454Initial Effects of Slot Length Limits for Northern Pike in Five North-Central Minnesota Lakes. Rodney Pierce and Cindy Tomcko. Jan. 1997. 24pp.
455An Indexed Bibliography of Creel Surveys, Fishing License Sales, and Recreational Surface Use of Lakes and Rivers of Minnesota. By Mark F. Cook, Jerry A. Younk, and Dennis H. Schupp. Feb. 1997. 91pp.
457Thermal Marking of Lake Trout Otoliths, and Evaluation of Methods for Stocking Fry. By Mary T. Negus. May 1997. 18pp.
458Bluegill Growth Rates in Minnesota. By Cynthia M. Tomcko. Oct. 1997. 24pp.
461Evaluation of Lake Trout Index Netting Methods in Ten Northeastern Minnesota Lakes. By Gary D. Siesennop. Feb. 1998. 44pp.
462Factors Limiting Juvenile Steelhead Survival in Streams, Tributary to Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior. By Tracy L. Close and Charles S. Anderson. Oct. 1997. 12pp.
463Effects of Discontinuing Walleye Stocking on Fish Populations in Lake Thirteen. By Rodney B. Pierce. April 1998. 37pp.
464A Historical Examination of Creel Surveys from Minnesota's Lakes and Streams. By Mark F. Cook and Jerry A. Younk. Feb. 1998. 59pp.
467Use of Limnetic Zooplankton Sampling in Assessments of Fish Community Structure in Minnesota Bass-panfish Lakes. By Julie .E. Westerlund, Peter C. Jacobson, Henry K. VanOffelen, and Jodene K. Hirsch. 1998.
468Angler Exploitation of Bluegill and Black Crappie in 4 West-central Minnesota Lakes. By Bradford G. Parsons and Jeffrey R. Reed. June 1998. 35pp.
469Growth of Lake Trout Captured During Spring, Summer, and Fall Index Gill Netting in 10 Northeast Minnesota Lakes. By Gary D. Siessenop. Oct. 1998. 29pp.
473Spawning Interactions of Hatchery and Naturalized Anadromous Form Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss in a Lake Superior Tributary. By Tracy L. Close. May 1999. 12 pp.
477Influence of Walleye Fingerling Production on Wetland Communities. By Jeffrey R. Reed and Bradford G. Parsons. Sept.1999. 20pp.
478Attitudes of Minnesota Residents about Fishing Issues. By Peter C. Jacobson, Tracy L. Close, Charles S. Anderson, and T.J. Kelly. Nov. 1999. 18pp.
481Season Distribution, Habitat Use, and Spawning Locations of Walleye Stizostedion vitreum and sauger S. canadense in Pool 4 of the Upper Mississippi River, with Special Emphasis on Winter Distribution Related to a Thermally Altered Environment. By Brian S. Ickles, Allen G. Stevens, and Donald L. Pereira. Jan. 2000. 30pp.
482Seasonal Movements, Habitat Use, and Spawning Areas of Walleye Stizostedion vitreum and sauger S. canadense in Pool 2 of the Upper Mississippi River. By R. Scott Gangl, Donald L. Pereira, and Richard J. Walsh. Feb. 2000. 24pp.
486Determination of Smolt Status in Juvenile Anadromous Rainbow Trout and Chinook Salmon. By Mary T. Negus. Oct. 2000. 44pp.
487Estimating Potential Yield and Harvest of Lake Trout Salvelinus Namaycush in Minnesota's Lake Trout Lakes, Exclusive of Lake Superior. By Gary D. Siesennop. Dec. 2000. 44pp.
488Comparison of Two Methods of Habitat Rehabilitation for Brown Trout in a Southeast Minnesota Stream. By William C. Thorn and Charles S. Anderson. Sept. 2001. 16pp.
492Methods to Reduce Stress and Improve Over-winter Survival of Stocked Walleye Fingerlings. By Bradford G. Parsons and Jeffrey R. Reed. Sept. 2001.
493A Recalculation of the Annual Statewide Recreational Fishing Effort and Harvest in Minnesota Lakes. By Mark F. Cook and Jerry A. Younk. Sept. 2001. 12pp.
494Spatial Habitat Influences on Inshore Fish Communities in a Selected Minnesota Ecological Lake Class. By Timothy K. Cross and Michael C. McInerny. Oct. 2001. 60pp.
498An examination of Minnesotas muskellunge waters. By Jerry A. Younk and Donald L. Pereira. April 2003. 30pp.
502Evaluation of walleye spawning habitat improvement projects in streams. By Donna L. Dustin and Peter C. Jacobson. 19pp.
505Effects of walleye stocking on the fish community of Lake Thirteen. By Rodney B. Pierce and Cynthia M. Tomcko. 36pp.
506Effects of prohibiting harvest of largemouth bass on the largemouth bass and bluegill fisheries in two Minnesota lakes. By Steven M. Shroyer, Farrell L. Bandow, and Dale E. Logsdon. 47pp. 2003.
513Application of a bioenergetics model for brown trout to evaluate growth in southeast Minnesota streams. By Douglas J. Dieterman, William C. Thorn, and Charles S. Anderson. November 2004. 26pp.
514Factors Affecting Black Crappie Recruitment in Four West-Central Minnesota Lakes. By Bradford G. Parsons, Jeffrey R. Reed, Howard G. Fullhart, and Vaughn A. Snook. December 2004. 45pp.
518Woody Debris and Steelhead. By Tracy L. Close. June 2005. 9pp.
519Could BT-Engineered Pest Resistant Trees be Hazardous to Aquatic Invertebrates? By Tracy L. Close. 7pp.
522Expulsion of Miniature Radio Transmitters Along With Eggs of Northern Pike and Muskellunge - A New Method for Locating Critical Spawning Habitat. By Rodney B. Pierce, Jerry A. Younk, and Cynthia M. Tomcko. 15pp.
525Development of a Prototype Video-Based Fisheries Assessment Unit. By Daniel A. Isermann, Thomas S. Jones, Kit Nelson, and Gerold C. Grant. October 2005. 5pp.
527Accuracy and Precision of Hydroacoustic Estimates of Aquatic Vegetation and the Repeatability of Whole-Lake Surveys: Field Tests with a Commercial Echosounder. By Ray D. Valley and Melissa T. Drake. December 2005. 12pp.
528Evaluation of Three Blacklight Sources for the Detection of Post-Ocular Visible Implant Elastomer in Kamloops Rainbow Trout. By Tracy L. Close. December 2005. 4pp.
530Development of a Hydroacoustic Survey Design to Quantify Prey Fish Abundance in the Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior. By Tom Hrabik, Don Schreiner, Matt Balge, and Steve Geving. 23pp.
533Effects of Landscape-Scale Factors on Wetland Biomanipulations. By Jeffrey R. Reed. 9pp.
534Hydroacoustic Methods to Estimate Stream Trout Abundance in Minnesota Lakes. By Tracy L. Close, Dan Yule, and Gary D. Siesennop. 14pp.
535Contribution of Fry Stocking to the Recovery of the Walleye Population in the Red Lakes. By Dale E. Logsdon. Sept. 2006. 41pp.
537Relationships Between Aquatic Plant Cover and Fish Populations Based on Minnesota Lake Survey Data. By Timothy Cross and Michael McInerny. Nov. 2006. 32pp.
538The Relationship of Bluegill Population Dynamics and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Minnesota Lakes. By Cynthia M. Tomcko and Donald L. Pereira. Nov. 2006. 26pp.
539Summer Habitat Associations of Large Brown Trout in Southeast Minnesota Streams. By Douglas J. Dieterman, William C. Thorn, Charles S. Anderson, and Jeffrey L. Weiss. Dec. 2006. 25pp.
542Bioenergetics Evaluation of the Fish Community in the Western Arm of Lake Superior in 2000 and 2004.  By Mary T. Negus, Donald R. Schreiner, and Theodore N. Halpern; Stephen T. Schram and Michael J. Seider; and Dennis M. Pratt.  Oct. 2007.  79pp.
547Induced Winterkill as a Management Tool for Reclaiming Minnesota Walleye Rearing Ponds. By Steven M. Shroyer. July 2007. 47pp.
550Light Trap Sampling of Juvenile Northern Pike in Wetlands Affected by Water Level Regulation. By Rodney B. Pierce, Larry W. Kallemeyn, and Philip J. Talmage. August 2007. 12pp.
551Length at Age Estimates of Black Crappie and White Crappie Among Lake Classes, Reservoirs, Impoundments, and Rivers in Minnesota. By Michael C. McInerny and Timothy K. Cross.  May 2008.  30pp.
552Can minimum Length Improve Size Structure in Minnesota Black Crappie Populations? By Daniel A. Isermann, Ph.D. and Andrew J. Carlson.  March 2009.  12pp.
553Evaluation of an 11-in Maximum Length Limit for Smallmouth Bass Populations in Northeastern Minnesota. By Daniel A. Isermann, Ph.D., Kevin S. Page, Paul Radomski, and Melissa Drake.  March 2009.  12pp.
554Statewide evaluation of length-based fishing regulations: introduction and summary of results. By Andrew J. Carlson and Daniel A. Isermann
555Recovery of Thermally Marked Otoliths from Lake Trout Stocked as Fry in Lake Superior. By Mary T. Negus. Nov. 2009. 9pp.
556Long-term evaluations of northern pike experimental regulations in Minnesota lakes. By Rodney B. Pierce. Feb. 2010. 36pp.
557Investigation of the use of Osmotic Induction to Reduce the Immersion Period for Marking Early Life Stages of Walleye with Fluorescent Chemicals. By Dale E. Logsdon. May 2012. 23pp.
558Curly-leaf Pondweed Trends and Interrelationships with Water Quality. By Steven Heiskary and Ray D. Valley. August 2012. 36pp.
560Abundance and Presence of Fish in Restored Vegetation in North-Central Minnesota Lakes. By Cynthia M. Tomcko and David F. Staples. Sept. 2014. 25pp.
561Evaluation of Standard Fishery Assessment Techniques For Use in Long-Term Monitoring. By Michael C. McInerny. Nov. 2014. 138pp.
562Large-scale Habitat Factors Affecting Fish Populations in Minnesota Lakes and a Proposed Habitat Classification. By Timothy K. Cross. November 2018. 52pp.
563Evaluation of Walleye Stocking in 50 Minnesota Lakes.  By Bradford G. Parsons, Jeffrey R. Reed, Vaughn A. Snook, David F. Staples, and Jason L. Vinje.  April 2015.  31 pp.
564Population Dynamics of Flathead Catfish in the Lower Minnesota River.  January 2018.  By Steven M. Shroyer.  32 pp.
565Compilation and Assessment of Historical Minnesota Late-Summer and Fall Walleye Electrofishing Data. By Steven M. Shroyer, Bradford G. Parsons, and David F. Staples. May 2019. 23 pp.
566Temporal variation in trap net catch per effort of Black Crappie in seven Minnesota lakes.  By Michael C. McInerny, Timothy K. Cross, and David F. Staples.  October 2020.  19 pp.
567Evaluation of age estimates made with scales, dorsal spines, and whole otoliths as surrogates for ages estimated with halved otoliths of Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass in Minnesota.  By Michael C. McInerny, Joseph D. Stewig, Nathaniel C. Hodgins, and R. John H. Hoxmeier.  March 2017.  26 pp.
568Trophic Interactions and Regulators of Abundance of Largemouth Bass in Northeastern Minnesota.  By Bethany J. Bethke and Patrick J. Schmalz.  December 2020.  24 pp.
569Impacts of Walleye fry stocking on year-class strength in lakes with Walleye spawn-take operations.  By Dale E. Logsdon and Charles S. Anderson.  April 2018.  42 pp.
570Cisco Population Genetic Structure in Minnesota.   By Loren M. Miller, Jennifer L. Cruise, Nichole Niezgocki, Jordyn Prell, and Peter C. Jacobson.  June 2021.  21 pp.

Hydroacoustic assessment of inland salmonid populations.  By Beth V. Holbrook and David F. Staples.  June 2013.  15 pp.

572An evaluation of standard trap netting as a sampling gear for White Crappie in Minnesota lakes.  By Michael C. McInerny and Timothy K. Cross.  December 2020.  18 pp.

Influence of age, population, total length, sex, and sample month on precision and bias of scale and whole otolith age estimates of Black Crappie in Minnesota.  By Michael C. McInerny, R. John H. Hoxmeier,  Bradley D. Koenen, and David F. Staples.  December 2020.  16 pp.

574Comparison of fall estimates of population size of juvenile Walleye from two different sampling designs.  By Michael C. McInerny and Timothy K. Cross.  June 2021.  9 pp.
575Comparisons between mark-recapture population estimates of Largemouth Bass and Black Crappie made with the same and different capture gears in Minnesota lakes.  By Michael C. McInerny and Timothy K. Cross.  June 2021.  20 pp.
576Mille Lacs Lake Bioenergetics.  By Tyler D. Ahrenstorff and Beth V. Holbrook.  June 2016.  21 pp.
577Potential influence of male nesting levels on Largemouth Bass Micropterus salmoides populations.  By Jeffrey R. Reed.  March 2022.  10 pp.

The History and Role of Research in Managing Minnesota’s Fisheries Resources.  By Jeffrey R. Reed, Loren M. Miller, Patrick J. Schmalz, Douglas J. Dieterman, and R. John H. Hoxmeier.  February 2023.  33 pp.


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