Fishing seasonal closures

The following waters in the portions designated are closed to the taking of all fish during the periods specified to protect fish spawning areas. Look for signs at access sites and in the areas as noted. All dates are inclusive.

Additional closures or openings may be posted here up to 48 hours prior to the law taking effect.

Seasonal closures help protect fish when they are concentrated in areas during their spawning season. The number of spawning area closures is highest on years when winter persists longer than normal.

Current closures

Last update: Monday, October 24, 2022 @ 02:28 pm CDT

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UFN=Until Further Notice
Blackduck RiverCounty Rd 32 north to Red Lake Reservation boundaryBeltramiApril 23 - May 13
Boy RiverChild Lake outlet to Woman Lake inlet; includes Little Woman Lake T.140, R.29, S.15CassMay 3 - UFN
Clearwater RiverBelow Clearwater Lake Dam for 900 feetClearwaterApril 23 - May 13
Coburn CreekState Highway 71 to Blackduck Lake T.151, R.32, S.11,12,13BeltramiApril 23 - May 13
Mississippi RiverBelow Ottertail Power Dam to County 12BeltramiApril 23 - May 13
Shotley BrookState Highway 72 to Upper Red LakeBeltramiApril 23 - May 13
Tamarac RiverFrom Upper Red Lake upstream to Beltrami- Koochiching county lineBeltramiApril 23 - May 13
Turtle RiverBelow Three Island Dam to Turtle River LakeBeltramiApril 23 - May 13
Lake MaudSouthwest BayBeckerMay 9 - June 10
Pelican River500 feet upstream and 500 feet downstream from Dunton Locks Bridge between Muskrat Lake and Lake SallieBeckerApril 23-May 21
Pelican RiverBelow Bucks Mill Dam to Buck Lake and from Big Detroit Lake upstream to State Highway 34BeckerApril 23-May 22
Unnamed StreamBetween Big Sand Lake and Emma Lake (T.141, R.34, S.23)HubbardApril 30 - UFN
Cross River (inlet to Gunflint Lake)from the Gunflint Trail to Gunflint LakeCookApril 1 - May 27
Junco CreekFrom the first log dam above County Road 57 downstream to Devil Track Lake, including Devil Track Lake within 300 yards of the mouth of the Junco River (T.62 R.1 S.21,28)CookMay 14-May 27
Little Gunflint-Little North channelThe channel between Little Gunflint and Little North Lakes, including Little Gunflint Lake within 300 yards of the channel mouth, and Little North Lake within 100 yards of the channel head (T.65 R.2 S.16).CookApril 1 - May 31
Maligne River (also known as Northern Light Rapids)On the Ontario side of Saganaga LakeCookApril 1 - May 31
Saganaga FallsOn the Minnesota‑Ontario border where the Granite River enters Saganaga LakeCookApril 1 - May 31
Sea Gull RiverSea Gull Lake through Gull Lake to Saganaga Lake approximately 1/3 north of the northern-most narrows, including all of Sag NarrowsCookApril 1-May 27
Tait RiverFrom the Forest Road 340 crossing, downstream to White Pine Lake, including White Pine Lake within 200 yards of the mouth of Tait River (T.61 R.3 S.17,19,20)CookNo 2022 closure
Moody's CreekFrom County Road 432 upstream 1/2 mileItascaApril 9 - June 30
Dittberner CreekLower tributary to Lake Miltona (T.130 R.38 S.14,15,23,24)DouglasApril 15 - May 31
Lake Le Homme DieuPerry Lang Bay (T.128 R.37 S.5)DouglasApril 15 - May 31
Lake MiltonaNorthwest Bay (T.130 R.38 S.23)DouglasApril 15 - May 31
Unnamed CreekFlowage between Lake Ida and Lake Charlie (T.129 R.38 S.25,26,36)DouglasApril 15 - May 31
Bear Island RiverBoth sides of Highway 1 (T.62 R.12 S.23,26)St LouisApril 23-May 13
Beaver RiverPortion upstream of Bear Island Lake (T.62 R.13 S.35)St. LouisApril 23 - May 13
Birch RiverBoth sides of County Road 21 (T.61 R.13 S.26,27)St. LouisApril 23-May 13
Burntside RiverBoth sides of County Road 88 at bridge (T.63 R.13 S.26)St. LouisApril 23 - May 13
Everett CreekBetween Everett Lake and Twin Lakes (T.64 R.12 S.31; (T.64 R.13 S.36)St. LouisApril 23-May 13
Shagawa RiverBoth sides of both road crossings at Winton (T.63 R.11 S.19; (T.63 R.12 S.24)St. Louis, LakeApril 23 - May 13
Dead RiverDownstream of County Highway 14 to Walker Lake T.134, R.40, S.2,3Otter TailApril 23 -May 31
Jewett LakeSouthwest shore T.134, R.43, S.23Otter TailApril 23 - June 30
Toad RiverInlet to Big Pine Lake upstream to County Road 13 T.137, R.38, S.32Otter TailApril 23 - May 31