State record fish programs

State record fish programs

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When you catch a big fish, no matter what the species, it always is a thrill. It can happen for anyone, regardless of skill level. The Minnesota DNR is expanding the list of qualifying fish for its two programs that recognize any angler whose catch sets a state record.

A long-nosed sucker on a certified scale

Certified weight

This program tracks the biggest fish for each listed species based on certified weight.

  See the records and rules

A walleye being properly held and released

Catch and release

This program tracks the length and girth of a caught fish and the angler who landed it.

  See the records and rules

A northern pike being weighed by an angler on a hand-held scale

Non-certified weight

A list of fish weight records set before 1980, when the DNR implemented certified weight.

  See the list

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