State Forest Fees, Reservations and Events

Fees and Reservations

A camping fee is charged in campgrounds with developed facilities that include drinking water, garbage containers, and toilets.

*Registration is required via envelopes provided at each campground where a fee is charged.

*Individual sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

**Group camp reservations are available by calling the contact number listed for the state forest.

No fees are charged for other recreational use of state forests.


A permit is required from a DNR area forest supervisor to hold an event on state forest land. The DNR may charge a fee for the use of the land. Security such as a bond or cashier's check may be required to ensure that cleanup, sign removal, damage, repairs, and other actions are completed.

For emergencies or authorized special events, the DNR may provide temporary exceptions to this rule for a specific state park, forest campground, forest day use area, or state forest land. Notice of the exception will be posted at the site. For more permit information or to obtain a permit, contact the DNR Forestry office.