Hunts in Minnesota state parks

Know before you go, and see which parks have special hunts this season.

Note: Some parks may have additional hunts, or hold hunts for animals other than deer. To be absolutely certain, please call the park office before you head out!


Many Minnesota state parks hold managed hunts as a way to help control the deer population in the parks. Our goal is to ensure healthy natural communities. When too many deer are in one area, the native plants and animals are negatively affected. 

Access to the parks varies around the state during these hunts. Some state parks remain open to all visitors, some have limited public access, and some are open only to hunters with special permits.

This site provides information to non-hunters during the hunt season. If you are a hunter, you'll find more information here.

Safety tips for those who will be visiting a state park during a hunt:

  1. Wear blaze orange or other brightly colored clothing, even if you will not be hunting.
  2. Check with the park office when you arrive, to see if there is any additional hunt-related information.
  3. Watch carefully for any hunt-related signage in the park, and follow it!

Don't get lost - use a geoPDF map!
Most of the state parks special hunt maps are now readable by the Avenza Maps location app (available on Google Play and the App Store) and are available for use offline. No cell service is needed!



The park is closed to the public and open only to hunters with a valid permit during a particular hunt.


The park is open both to visitors and to hunters OR a portion of the park is open to the public and closed to hunting while another part is open to hunters only.

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State ParkAccess DatesTypeMap
AftonCLOSED11/04/23 - 11/05/23Firearms
AftonCLOSED12/05/23 - 12/07/23Muzzleloader
BanningLIMITED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearmshunt map
Beaver Creek ValleyLIMITED12/02/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
Blue MoundsCLOSED11/18/23 - 11/19/23Firearms
Buffalo RiverLIMITED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearmshunt map
CamdenCLOSED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearms
Cascade RiverLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
Crow WingLIMITED12/02/23 - 12/06/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
Forestville/Mystery CaveLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/05/23Firearmshunt map
Forestville/Mystery CaveLIMITED12/15/23 - 12/17/23FirearmsCWD hunt map
Franz JevneLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
FrontenacCLOSED11/18/23 - 11/19/23Firearms
Glacial LakesLIMITED11/09/23 - 11/12/23Firearmshunt map
Gooseberry FallsLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
Great River BluffsLIMITED11/18/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
Great River BluffsLIMITED12/15/23 - 12/17/23Firearmshunt map
Hayes LakeLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
Hayes LakeLIMITED11/25/23 - 12/10/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
ItascaLIMITED11/25/23 - 12/10/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
ItascaLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/12/23Firearmshunt map
Jay CookeLIMITED12/02/23 - 12/06/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
Judge C.R. MagneyLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
Kilen WoodsCLOSED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearms
Kilen WoodsLIMITED12/24/23 - 12/31/23Firearmspark maps
Lake BemidjiLIMITED10/20/23 - 10/22/23Firearmshunt map
Lake BemidjiLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/07/23Firearmshunt map
Lake BemidjiLIMITED12/01/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
Lake BronsonLIMITED10/14/23 - 10/15/23Firearmshunt map
Lake BronsonLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/12/23Firearmshunt map
Lake CarlosLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/07/23Firearmshunt map
Lake LouiseLIMITED11/11/23 - 11/12/23Firearmshunt map
Lake MariaCLOSED12/08/23 - 12/10/23Muzzleloader
Lake ShetekCLOSED11/18/23 - 11/19/23Firearms
Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground MineLIMITED11/25/23 - 12/10/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
MaplewoodLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/07/23Firearmspark maps
McCarthy BeachCLOSED10/27/23 - 10/28/23Firearms 
McCarthy BeachLIMITED11/25/23 - 12/10/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
MinneopaLIMITED11/18/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
Minnesota Valley
(Carver Rapids & Thompson Ferry units)
LIMITED09/16/23 - 12/31/23Archeryhunt map
Minnesota Valley
(Lawrence Unit)
CLOSED11/11/23 - 11/12/23Firearms
Myre-Big IslandLIMITED12/02/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloaderhunt map
Nerstrand Big WoodsCLOSED12/02/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloader
Nerstrand Big WoodsCLOSED12/15/23 - 12/17/23Firearms 
Old MillLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/07/23Firearmshunt map
Rice LakeLIMITED12/02/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloaderpark map
St. CroixCLOSED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearms
St. CroixCLOSED11/16/23 - 11/19/23Firearms
St. CroixCLOSED11/28/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloader 
Savanna PortageCLOSED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearms 
Savanna PortageCLOSED11/25/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloader 
ScenicLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
SchoolcraftLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
SchoolcraftLIMITED11/25/23 - 12/10/23Muzzleloaderpark map
SibleyLIMITED10/28/23 - 10/29/23Firearmshunt map
SibleyCLOSED12/02/23 - 12/03/23Muzzleloader
Split Rock LighthouseLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
TettegoucheLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map
WhitewaterCLOSED11/18/23 - 11/19/23Firearms
Wild RiverCLOSED11/04/23 - 11/05/23Firearms
William O'BrienCLOSED11/11/23 - 11/12/23Firearms
Zippel BayLIMITED10/20/23 - 10/22/23Firearmshunt map
Zippel BayLIMITED11/04/23 - 11/19/23Firearmshunt map

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