Bulletin No. 25 - An Inventory of Minnesota Lakes

"Bulletin No. 25 - An Inventory of Minnesota Lakes" was produced by the Minnesota Conservation Department - Division of Waters, Soils, and Minerals (the predecessor to DNR Waters) in 1968. In this major undertaking, the Conservation Department put forth to inventory all Minnesota lakes and wetlands of ten acres or more.

Although this document is no longer the definitive lakes and wetlands inventory for Minnesota, it offers a useful historical reference addressing issues such as lake numbering schemes, alternate names, ditches, dams, meandered areas, and drained basins. It is important to note that some of the water bodies inventoried in the document no longer exist.

The entire scanned document is quite large, exceeding 11 Mb. Therefore, the document has been divided into discrete sections. The introduction and lake name index can be viewed separately. County-by-county inventory information can be viewed by using the map or pull-down tool found below.

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To view county-specific inventory information:

  • Select a county from the drop down list to the left and click on "go" or
  • Use the map tool to the left and pick a county. You may zoom in for more detail and to see county names.