Public Waters Inventory Program

Program description

The Water Permit Programs Unit oversees the administration of the original public waters inventory conducted in the late 1970's and maintains the inventory records. The original Public Waters Inventory (PWI) map mylars are still used to generate paper copies of PWI maps, which are available for sale at Minnesota's Bookstore. The Public Waters Inventory Program responds to inquiries about the public waters inventory hearing process and record. In recent years, because of litigation against the DNR, the program modified the original PWI maps of counties that contained designated trout streams. The litigation resulted in additional public waters regulated by the DNR.

Public Waters Inventory maps are also available for download in pdf format. See the PWI Maps Info page and the PWI Maps Download page.

Public Waters Inventory Watercourse Removals

April 13, 2017

On April 13, 2017, the DNR Commissioner issued a Findings of Fact, Conclusions and Order revising Public Waters Inventory (PWI) maps by removing certain watercourses (Attachment A). The DNR removed the watercourses to correct a procedural error in the original PWI process affecting those watercourses. Finding of Fact #21 states, "the DNR may review the subject watercourses for possible inclusion in the PWI in the future, subject to requisite public comment opportunity prior to any additions to the PWI." The purpose of the documents below is to generally describe the DNR's framework for review of the subject watercourses for possible inclusion in the PWI.

Program personnel