Culvert Inventory Application Suite

The DNR Culvert Inventory Application Suite is comprised of 4 related components for the collection, storage, edit/review and distribution of stream crossings, culverts, bridges, and breach line data. It was developed by the MNDNR GeoSpatial Water Resources Team (gWRT) in partnership with MNIT at DNR professional services staff. This application is available to DNR Staff and external partners (free registration required).

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(1) ArcGIS Collector mobile application (MNDNR Culvert Inventory App)

This application allows for field-scale collection of data about stream crossings, culvert openings, bridges and breach lines.

There are two alternate user forms for data collection:

(2) ArcSDE Centralized Database (MNDNR Culvert Inventory Dataset)

A statewide dataset containing features from data collectors around the state, including

  • Stream Crossings - single point feature providing information collected about the location
  • Culvert Openings - a set of point features providing attributes collected about each end of a culvert
  • Bridges - a single point feature providing attributes collected about a span bridge


  • Simultaneous editing by multiple users
  • Standard data domains and values
  • Secure centralized data storage
  • Regular data backup and maintenance

(3) Custom Web Application (MNDNR Culvert Inventory Web App)

Used in the office to review data features collected in the field



Standardized GIS layers available to all users (crossings, culverts, bridges, breachlines):

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How to get started

  1. Contact Andy Williquett (below) for a Culvert Inventory Application Suite logon
  2. Obtain an Android, IOS or Windows 10 device for data collection
  3. Download Culvert Inventory Suite - Instructions manual under Related Documents (above)
  4. Submit existing culvert inventory, bridge inventory or breach line data to Andy (below)

Contacts for Culvert Inventory:

DNR Geospatial Water Resources Team (gWRT) webpage

MNIT at DNR Business Services staff (gWRT members)

  • Andy Williquett, GIS Specialist, MNIT at DNR Fisheries 651-259-5244 (St. Paul)
  • Lyn Bergquist, Fisheries IT Supervisor, MNIT at DNR Fisheries, 651-259-5189 (St. Paul)
  • Sean Vaughn, GIS Hydrologist & LiDAR Data Steward/Coordinator, MNIT at DNR Waters, 763-389-7100 x226
  • Rick Moore, LiDAR Data Steward/Coordinator, MNIT at DNR Waters, 507-389-8810 (Mankato)


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