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Are you interested in learning more about the scientific foundation for the WHAF? 

Literature References:

Bibliography - A complete list of resources cited directly or consulted in development of the WHAF web pages. 

Recommended Readings -  Foundational resources highly recommended by the WHAF staff to further understanding of system science and watershed health. 

Spatial Data References:

GIS Data and Metadata - Descriptions of GIS data layers delilvered through the WHAF map application. Where available, links are included to download source data and metadata. 

WHAF Health Scores and Data Inputs: Summary Table - A PDF document that lists each WHAF Health Scores, provides a definition of the score, and identifies the source data used to calculate the score.

Project Resources:

Glossary of Terms - Alphabetical list of terms and definitions reltaing to watershed health, system science, and supporting subject matter.

Staff Contacts / Project Acknowledgements