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View of the updated WHAF interactive map (version 2).


Access the most current web mapping framework
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The Map Help document helps you use WHAF tools, view health scores and link to other resources.
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View of the archived WHAF interactive map (version 1).

WHAF Map (Version 1)

The original WHAF Map (Version 1) will remain available during the transition to the new WHAF Map.
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Map Transition Plan:

NOTE: The Share URL tool in WHAF Map Version 1 is not yet available in the new WHAF Map. Links created in WHAF Version 1 will continue to open in the original Version 1 map interface.

Moving forward, new features and enhancements will only be added to the new version of the WHAF Map. We will maintain access to both versions of the map during this time of transition, but access to Version 1 will be removed when all features are fully functional in the new WHAF Map.

Map Help (Archive for Version 1)

Video Instruction Series:This narrated series of videos steps through the tool set available in the WHAF Map. Walking through the series in order will help you learn to interact with the map in ways that lead you from exploration to collaboration of your watershed health experience. Narrated 3-4 minute videos will open in YouTube.

User Handouts:;View or print step-by-step instructions

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