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The Watershed Health Assessment Framework (WHAF) uses an online map to deliver an organized exploration of Minnesota's natural and human landscape. The map uses the 5-component framework to provide a broad perspective that reveals patterns of ecological health from multiple viewpoints.  The map is available to everyone; encouraging open collaboration and innovative ideas to improve health and resilience across Minnesota.

Explore Watershed health - screen shot of app

Open WHAF Map 

Map Help Resources:

Video Instruction Series

This narrated series of videos steps through the tool set available in the WHAF Map.  Walking through the series in order will help you learn to interact with the map in ways that lead you from exploration to collaboration of your watershed health experience. 

Narrated 3-4 minute videos will open in YouTube

User Handouts:

View or print step-by-step instructions

Add A Web Service:

Add Web Services to the WHAF Map

Use the Health Scores:

Guidance on understanding and using the WHAF health scores