Watershed Health Scores

Watershed Health Index Scores show patterns of health within each of the five components. Scores are scaled 0 (least healthy) to 100 (best health). They use a red to green color ramp for low to high health scores.


Biology logo

The Biology Health Index Scores compare the condition of land and water habitats, the diversity and sensitivity of species present, and the health of aquatic animal communities in our streams.


Connectivity logo

The Connectivity Health Index Scores compare conditions that influence connections and disconnects across landscapes, adjacent to streams and lakes, and within streams and rivers.


geomorphology logo

The Geomorphology Health Index Scores compare conditions and that influence the movement of landscape forming materials. Different landscapes have different levels of risk from destabilizing events and conditions.


hydrology logo

The Hydrology Health Index Scores compare conditions and responses that influence and are influenced by the hydrologic cycle.

Water Quality

water quality logo

The Water Quality Health Index Scores compare assessments of contaminants in water bodies, as well as the presence of disbursed and localized pollution sources.


Combined Watershed Health Score

The Watershed Health Index Scores are combined to create an overall watershed mean or average score.


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