Campfire safety

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Whether you're in a state forest or in your backyard, campfires should be constructed and maintained with safety in mind. Use a designated fire ring or build a campfire in an area cleared of combustible materials 5 feet in all directions around the fire. Campfires must be 3 feet or less in diameter and not more than 3 feet in height.

Building and Putting Out a Campfire

  • Think before you strike. Check the burning restrictions for your area before lighting a campfire.
  • Select a level spot a safe distance away from trees, low overhead branches, shrubs, dry grass, or logs to prevent the fire from escaping, and clear all combustibles within 5 feet.
  • Have a shovel and water available at the campfire site for extinguishing campfires.
  • Supervise the fire at all times. Even a light breeze could cause the fire to spread.
  • Extinguish the campfire with water using the "drown and stir" method.

More on how to build, maintain and extinguish your campfire.

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