Campfire safety

Expanded burning restrictions

Ongoing drought has created unusually high wildfire risk in Minnesota. Debris burning, campfires, and fireworks are restricted in 28 counties. Please review all burning restriction information before any outdoor activity. Do your part to prevent wildfires.

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Whether you're in a state forest or in your backyard, campfires should be constructed and maintained with safety in mind. Use a designated fire ring or build a campfire in an area cleared of combustible materials 5 feet in all directions around the fire. Campfires must be 3 feet or less in diameter and not more than 3 feet in height.

Building and Putting Out a Campfire

  • Think before you strike. Check the burning restrictions for your area before lighting a campfire.
  • Select a level spot a safe distance away from trees, low overhead branches, shrubs, dry grass, or logs to prevent the fire from escaping, and clear all combustibles within 5 feet.
  • Have a shovel and water available at the campfire site for extinguishing campfires.
  • Supervise the fire at all times. Even a light breeze could cause the fire to spread.
  • Extinguish the campfire with water using the "drown and stir" method.

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