Wildfire emergency

Photo of a house fire

Wildfire fire emergency

Safety First:

  • If the fire is approaching or you are afraid you may be trapped, evacuate now
  • Here is a good evacuation checklist from the Red Cross. Print it out and have it ready.
  • Report the fire when you are safe.

Report a wildfire

  • Do not assume a fire has been reported.
  • Report any suspected unauthorized fires by calling 911. (If 911 is not available in your area, your local DNR Forestry office can provide you with the numbers to call; call collect if necessary.) If in doubt, report a fire. An early report helps keep fires small.
  • Detailed information is extremely important when reporting a fire. You maybe asked to provide:
    • your name and phone number so you can be contacted for further information if necessary
    • location of the fire by street address or section, township, and range (preferred) or directions and distances from known roads or landmarks
    • information on whether any structures or other improvements are threatened
    • the approximate size of the fire
    • the type of fuels the fire is burning and the type of fuels it is approaching
    • color of smoke—white, black, gray
    • the type of terrain and access into the fire
    • the time the fire started, as well as who started it, if known
    • information on whether anyone is working on the fire


  • Here is a good evacuation checklist from the Red Cross Print it out and have it ready.
  • If the fire approach is imminent - open gates and fences for your horses/livestock
  • If you have time:
    • Close all doors and windows
    • Close heavy drapes
    • Open light drapes
    • Remove combustibles from near the house/decks/propane tanks.
    • Put a ladder up to the roof (for firefighters).
    • Put your hose out.(put out hose so it is available to fill water tanks.)
    • Leave power on (so the hose works).
    • Turn propane off.
    • Leave a note that you have left with contact information.
    • Leave the house unlocked.

graphic for Arson Hotline 1-800-723-2020Report arson

Arson is a crime. To report suspected arson, call your local DNR forestry office, law enforcement (police/sheriff), or the arson hotline 800-723-2020. Up to $5,000 in rewards. You can remain anonymous.

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