Aquatic plant management permits

Applying for an aquatic plant management permit

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The Legislature directed the DNR to charge fees for APM permit applications to recover the cost of administering the program. Application fees depend on the kind of control you are doing but generally will run about $35. If you apply for two or more treatment types only the largest fee will apply. Do not send your application fee until you have received an invoice from MPARS.

Permit types & costs

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Control typeLake sizeFeeMax fee
per permit
Rooted aquatic vegetation
(submersed, emergent, floating leaf)
> 20 acres$35 per property$2,500
≤ 20 acres$17.50 per property$1,250
Duckweed $20 per property$200
Snails, leeches, chara,
flamentous algae control
 $4 for every 100 feet of shoreline$200
Lakewide algae control $20 + 40 cents per acre$200
Offshore harvest of submersed plants
(more than 150 from shore)
> 20 acres$35 for first acre + $2 each additional acre$2500
≤ 20 acres$17.50 for first acre + $1 each additional acre$1,250

Diagram depicting the APM permit approval process.

Important information

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