Holland Lake


Holland is located within Lebanon Hills Regional Park Reserve in Eagan. 

Species Present:

Northern Pike: lower than average abundance, average size.
Bluegill: lower than average abundance, smaller than average size.
Trout species: lower than average abundance, larger than average size.


Boat Access:

There is no boat access to this lake. 

Shore Fishing:

There is a fishing pier on this lake. The entire shoreline is in public ownership. Angling is limited by densely wooded shoreline and aquatic vegetation in many areas. 

Management Plans:

  1. Stock surplus adult Rainbow Trout adults when available.
  2. Stock 2,000 Rainbow Trout yearlings for a winter fishery.
  3. Monitor winter oxygen levels as needed and operation of winter aeration device by Dakota County. 

Aquatic Invasive Species Alert:

This lake contains Eurasian watermilfoil. Remove any visible plants from your boat, trailer, or other boating equipment before leaving the lake.


Holland Lake has the best water quality in Dakota County. Trout stocked in recent years have been well received by anglers. There has been some winterkill of trout in recent years. A winter aeration device is now available for use at Holland Lake to prevent further winterkill events. 

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