Island Lake


This lake is located at the intersection of I-694 and Victoria Street in Shoreview. 

Species Present:

Largemouth Bass:average abundance, average size with some larger bass present.
Bluegill: above average abundance, smaller than average size.
Crappie: low abundance, smaller than average size.
Channel Catfish: above average abundance, average size with some larger individuals present.
Walleye: low abundance, average size.

Boat Access:

Access to this lake is located within Island Lake County Park. Access to the park is on Victoria Ave. south of I-694. 

Shore Fishing:

There is a fishing pier on the west shore of the lake, south of the boat ramp. In addition, shore anglers fish in and around the channel underneath I-694. Anglers may also fish from the park along the eastern shore of the park. Fishing may be impaired by aquatic vegetation in most areas of the lake. 

Management Plans:

  1. Fisheries standard lake survey in 2021.
  2. Monitor winter oxygen level and operate winter aeration system by Ramsey County as needed.
  3. Stock 1,800 Channel Catfish yearlings in even numbered years.
  4. Stock 60,000 Walleye fry annually. 

Aquatic Invasive Species Alert:

This lake contains Eurasian watermilfoil. Remove any visible plants from your boat, trailer, or other boating equipment before leaving the lake. 


Island Lake is intensively managed to provide a variety of angling opportunities for anglers who chose to fish from shore. Adult Yellow Perch have been stocked in the winter (when available) to provide additional opportunities for ice anglers, and perch fishing has been very popular in those years.

Channel Catfish have been stocked several times, and catfish anglers are becoming increasingly abundant. 

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