Lake Owasso


Owasso is located between Rice Street and Victoria Street and north of County Road C in the communities of Roseville and Shoreview. 

Species Present:

Walleye: low abundance, above average size.
Northern Pike: average abundance, larger than average size.
Largemouth Bass: below average abundance, average size.
Bluegill: reduced abundance, smaller than average size.
Crappie: average abundance, small average size.
Muskellunge: low abundance, unknown size.
Yellow Perch: average abundance, small average size.

Boat Access:

The county owned access is located at the northeast corner of the lake on North Owasso Blvd. Travel west from Rice Street on North Owasso Blvd. to reach the access. Parking is limited. This lake has surface use restrictions. The restrictions are posted at the boat access. 

Shore Fishing:

Shore fishing on this lake is limited. Anglers may fish from shore between the boat ramp and the public beach on the northeast shore of the lake. The water is very shallow in this area and anglers may not be very successful. 

Management Plans:

  1. Fisheries standard lake survey in 2021.
  2. Fisheries targeted lake survey for Muskellunge in 2024 and 2025.
  3. Stock 293 pounds of Walleye fingerlings annually.
  4. Stock 147 Muskellunge fingerlings in even numbered years.
  5. Monitor winter oxygen levels as needed; operation of winter aeration device by Ramsey County as needed. 

Aquatic Invasive Species Alert:

This lake contains Eurasian watermilfoil. Remove any visible plants from your boat, trailer, or other boating equipment before leaving the lake. 


The lake is very shallow except for a deep trench along the west shore of the lake. Fishing is limited by the small access and competition with recreational boaters – water skiing is very popular here. Beginning in 2021 a new regulation for sunfish went into effect and the daily limit from Owasso Lake is now 5 sunfish. This regulation is part of the Quality Sunfish Initiative that is working to protect and improve the size of sunfish in our lakes.

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