Shields Lake


Shields Lake is located 1 mile south of Forest Lake in the City of Forest Lake. 

Species Present:

Walleye: low abundance.
Northern Pike:average abundance, average size.
Largemouth Bass: low abundance, average size.
Bluegill: average abundance, average size.
Crappie: average abundance, average size.

Boat Access:

Access to this lake is limited to carry-in boats. The city owned access is located at the northeast corner of the lake off Imperial Ave., south of highway 97. 

Shore Angling:

Shore angling is limited to the city-owned property at the northeast corner of the lake. A fishing pier is located at this site. 

Special Regulation:

This lake has a special regulation of a 5-fish daily limit for Sunfish.

Management Plans:

  1. Monitor winter oxygen levels as needed, with operation of aeration system by city when necessary.
  2. Continue operation of fish barrier on the outlet by the local watershed district. 


Fishing opportunities are limited on this small lake, but fishing can be good for short periods. The opportunity for larger Black Crappie and Bluegill have been the main attractions for anglers on this lake. Beginning in 2021 a new regulation for sunfish went into effect and the daily limit from Shields Lake is now 5 sunfish. This regulation is part of the Quality Sunfish Initiative that is working to protect and improve the size of sunfish in our lakes.

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